Friday, 18 July 2008

The Upex Report

I only have a PDF of the report so it is easier for you to follow the link below to find it on the States website.

I would like to congratulate Frank Walker and his chums for the Executive Summary which has so desperately been attached to the front the report.

You will notice that the report does not criticise me in any way yet Walker, our great leader, assassinates my character before you even get to read a single word written by Professor Upex.

Great tactic Frank - divert attention, discredit the person who blew the whistle and save face all in one foul swoop.

Also, I would like to hear from the staff/witnesses who were called to Pollard's office the week before my tribunal to talk about how they wanted them to discredit me, how they were going to tell the world I was a bad manager who deserved to be sacked.

I have sacrificed my career, 15 years worth of work, for the children's service in Jersey - now I want you to support me and tell the truth.

I am disgusted that I am still being made the scapegoat and being accused putting staff and children and risk. I am disgusted that the States of Jersey are still making life hell for me and my family, still trying to get me out of our family house by reneging on the employment tribunal agreement.

Tell the truth, stand up for what is right, have you no morals?

The report