Saturday, 22 November 2008

A not so Frank letter - A Letter to the Chief Minister

To date, I have made five attempts to meet with the Cheif Minister so that I can give him the evidence he has requested.

To date, he has refused to meet with me.

Below is a letter which I have sent to him this evening to request that he meet with me so that I can provide the evidence that he has requested.

Whistleblower House
La Grande Route de St Jean
Trinity JE3 5XX
Tel. 07797 888XXX

22 November 2008

Senator Walker
Chief Minister's Department
P.O. Box 140
Cyril Le Marquand House
The Parade
St Helier JE4 8QT

Dear Senator Walker

I am writing to you concerning the long standing controversy over the Grand Prix behaviour management system, Greenfields and Les ChĂȘnes. I write with regards to the handling of these issues as it is my view that you and certain senior figures in the States of Jersey have conspired to cover up the fact that abusive childcare practices have taken place.

I believe that this cover up has involved a significant number of senior civil servants and politicians with the responsibility of protecting and supporting the young people of Jersey.

You recently stated on BBC Radio Jersey:

“Can I stress at this point that there is no credible evidence whatsoever of serious misconduct by a senior civil servant, by any civil servants, and certainly no evidence of criminality? I have asked for any such evidence to be provided to me, and, so far, no such evidence, after many months of asking, no such evidence has been forthcoming.”

Your stance is clear - you have not yet seen credible evidence of serious misconduct or criminality by a civil servant.

As you are aware, through our recent communications, this is now the sixth attempt that I have made to persuade you to meet with me so that I can provide you with credible evidence. I am not sure what else I can do. I have evidence to explain to you, but you have thus far refused to speak to me about it. After you have apparently spent many months asking, I am offering to give you the proof that you seek.

Some of the evidence in my possession has previously been accessible to you, but you have chosen to ignore it. I also have new evidence which came to light this week from a number of credible sources. All the evidence available to you can be corroborated independently by professional witnesses within your civil service, and they have expressed willingness to speak with you on the matter.

- 2 -

You have suggested that I meet with your Chief Officer, Bill Ogley, to give him the evidence. Mr Ogley is a civil servant and I have reason to believe that he has been involved in the cover up of abusive childcare practices at Greenfields and Les ChĂȘnes. I hope you agree that it would not be acceptable, appropriate, or good practice for me to share such evidence with Mr Ogley.

You have also suggested that I send you any evidence I have. Much as I wish it were that simple, I am afraid that the kind of evidence available is not the kind that I can pop into an envelope. It would involve many hours of transcribing conversations, and collating documents from the dozens of files which I have accumulated on these matters. Moreover, sending you information in this manner would not allow for any communication, explanation or discussion between us.

You also told me by text message it is not possible for you to meet with me and that I should be aware of the reason why. I am afraid that I actually have no idea why it is not possible for you to meet me.

I now find myself pleading with you. I have always held serious concerns about the suitability of certain senior figures in the civil service to their positions of responsibility. I hold evidence of serious misconduct and criminality by civil servants. Please permit me to show it to you.

I have copied this letter to all States Members so that they, as elected representatives, will be free to contact you, or me, to discuss this matter as they see fit. I truly hope that all States Members take these matters very seriously. I can assure you that my intentions have never been to cause trouble, and are only with the best interests of the children and young people of Jersey at heart.

I remain disappointed by your lack of response to my requests for a meeting, and I sincerely hope that you will choose to hear the evidence and uncover the truth before the end of your term of office.

I look forward to meeting with you as a matter of urgency.

Yours sincerely

Simon Bellwood

I have been accused of being "Purile and Conceited"

A blog comment has been left stating,

"If you are serious about providing Frank with the evidence, put it in an envelope. Then you can hold your head up and say you have provided it. otherwise you are just dicking around. By the way, the piece in today's JEP, bad move. You came across as purile and conceited. Not impressed."

The word "Purile" does not exist. Did you mean Puerile or Puriel, they can easily be confused?

However, a minor slip of spelling tells a different story.

Puerile means childish and immature

However, if you meant I was Puriel then says,

"Puriel is an angel who appears in the apocryphal work of the Testament of Abraham... charged with the task of examining the soul of each person brought to heaven after death".

Let us hope that this person's soul is good or perhaps I am just being childish?


ps. I will be posting a blog later with a Frank email to Frank.