Saturday, 22 November 2008

A not so Frank letter - A Letter to the Chief Minister

To date, I have made five attempts to meet with the Cheif Minister so that I can give him the evidence he has requested.

To date, he has refused to meet with me.

Below is a letter which I have sent to him this evening to request that he meet with me so that I can provide the evidence that he has requested.

Whistleblower House
La Grande Route de St Jean
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22 November 2008

Senator Walker
Chief Minister's Department
P.O. Box 140
Cyril Le Marquand House
The Parade
St Helier JE4 8QT

Dear Senator Walker

I am writing to you concerning the long standing controversy over the Grand Prix behaviour management system, Greenfields and Les ChĂȘnes. I write with regards to the handling of these issues as it is my view that you and certain senior figures in the States of Jersey have conspired to cover up the fact that abusive childcare practices have taken place.

I believe that this cover up has involved a significant number of senior civil servants and politicians with the responsibility of protecting and supporting the young people of Jersey.

You recently stated on BBC Radio Jersey:

“Can I stress at this point that there is no credible evidence whatsoever of serious misconduct by a senior civil servant, by any civil servants, and certainly no evidence of criminality? I have asked for any such evidence to be provided to me, and, so far, no such evidence, after many months of asking, no such evidence has been forthcoming.”

Your stance is clear - you have not yet seen credible evidence of serious misconduct or criminality by a civil servant.

As you are aware, through our recent communications, this is now the sixth attempt that I have made to persuade you to meet with me so that I can provide you with credible evidence. I am not sure what else I can do. I have evidence to explain to you, but you have thus far refused to speak to me about it. After you have apparently spent many months asking, I am offering to give you the proof that you seek.

Some of the evidence in my possession has previously been accessible to you, but you have chosen to ignore it. I also have new evidence which came to light this week from a number of credible sources. All the evidence available to you can be corroborated independently by professional witnesses within your civil service, and they have expressed willingness to speak with you on the matter.

- 2 -

You have suggested that I meet with your Chief Officer, Bill Ogley, to give him the evidence. Mr Ogley is a civil servant and I have reason to believe that he has been involved in the cover up of abusive childcare practices at Greenfields and Les ChĂȘnes. I hope you agree that it would not be acceptable, appropriate, or good practice for me to share such evidence with Mr Ogley.

You have also suggested that I send you any evidence I have. Much as I wish it were that simple, I am afraid that the kind of evidence available is not the kind that I can pop into an envelope. It would involve many hours of transcribing conversations, and collating documents from the dozens of files which I have accumulated on these matters. Moreover, sending you information in this manner would not allow for any communication, explanation or discussion between us.

You also told me by text message it is not possible for you to meet with me and that I should be aware of the reason why. I am afraid that I actually have no idea why it is not possible for you to meet me.

I now find myself pleading with you. I have always held serious concerns about the suitability of certain senior figures in the civil service to their positions of responsibility. I hold evidence of serious misconduct and criminality by civil servants. Please permit me to show it to you.

I have copied this letter to all States Members so that they, as elected representatives, will be free to contact you, or me, to discuss this matter as they see fit. I truly hope that all States Members take these matters very seriously. I can assure you that my intentions have never been to cause trouble, and are only with the best interests of the children and young people of Jersey at heart.

I remain disappointed by your lack of response to my requests for a meeting, and I sincerely hope that you will choose to hear the evidence and uncover the truth before the end of your term of office.

I look forward to meeting with you as a matter of urgency.

Yours sincerely

Simon Bellwood


Anonymous said...

Simon, May I suggest if the Chief Minister does not respond to your request you send a letter to Gordon Brown relating to the problems. Waste of time Jack Straw, he puts everything on the back burner.

The UK government is responsible for the good administration of Crown Dependencies, I would therefore suggest that FW is NOT administrating the island correctly. He is covering up for his Pals.

A copy of your letter should be registered to Gordon Brown along with an outline of the evidence you have. A copy of the covering letter should also be sent to the Bailiff, the Queens Representative and also FW for their information.

The cover up of Child Abuse in Jersey has gone on for too long, FW is constantly undermining the abused whilst covering up a lot of the perpatrators. It really does need to become transparent. The Senior Jersey Police now also seem to be in the Pockets of most of the States Ministers so they will not be acting on your allegations, even though you have already disclosed the evidence in your possession. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

What's occuring.....

Anonymous said...

Great work!

I agree with the previous comment=>

""A copy of your letter should be registered to Gordon Brown along with an outline of the evidence you have. A copy of the covering letter should also be sent to the Bailiff, the Queens Representative and also FW for their information.""

Simon, Frank Walker now has an opportunity to do the right thing... however it is his choice whether he wishes to do so or not. Judging by his previous irrational fear of you and refusal to do the right thing its anyones guess what will happen next!

If he doesn't do the right thing then I feel the only alternative will be for him to face further National/International humiliation if and when you do take this matter and all your evidence to the UK govt.

Frank Walker should seriously consider whether he wishes to end his career in the States of Jersey in this negative way.

Good luck and keep going...

JT alias Jersey Truth

Anonymous said...

Well done Simon and well done to the anonymous responder who suggests copying in Gordon Brown etc.

I really hope this is THE pivotal moment that 'Jersey and her people' (abused and not abused) have been waiting for.

Thank you indeed.

Anonymous said...

Your email to frank walker has been sent to every Member of parliament in the uk and every newsgroup via

The Megaphone

Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower said...

All Blog comments are published here unless they are libellous.


Anonymous said...

voiceforchildren said...


I have started a poll on my Blog asking if readers believe Stuart should be a guest on "Talkback" could I ask you readers to vote on it?

Anonymous said...

Lundy urged to stand down over abuse case

Anonymous said...


Could it possibly be that Frank is not allowed to speak with you, because of an ongoing police investigation?

Maybe he has been advised by the States legal team - not to talk to anybody.

Also, if a politician has consciously given false information outside the States Buildings, are they still covered by ‘Parliamentary privileges’?

Anonymous said...

well done that man! (woman?) re the megaphone
if you don't keep bombing Whitehall greasy Frank and his merry men will be able to make it go away-don't let them!

voiceforchildren said...

Anonymous said...

The tide gate is opening for Frank and his merry men,I reckon within the next two weeks their cover ups will be well and truely exposed.

Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower said...

There have been a few comments which I have not published for libellous reasons.

Contrary to what some may believe, I publish all other comments, even the negative ones!

I will not be publishing the replies from States Members as it is iperative that we allow them to respond as they would wish to without fear of their responses being published on here.

I hope you will sppreciate why I have made this decision. This battle is about improving services for children in Jersey and we all need to act in a manner which best serves them.


Anonymous said...

all Frank Wakker has to do is delay things until his term of office ends then he can jet off to his retirement in south africa, leave someone else to clear up the mess

Anonymous said...

And he can be brought back in chains to face justice!!! Like we don with any other criminals like Ronny Biggs

Zoompad said...


Why don't you use the Parliamentary Megaphone and send that letter to everyone in Parliament? After all, if there are UK MP's involved in a child abuse cover up, then your letter is going to be of interest to everyone in the UK as well as Jersey. Because there were children from Birmingham sent to Haut de la Garenne, no-one can say that this issue is not of great importance to the UK mainland, and Jack Straw's indifference to the whole affair is a disgrace. Go for it, Simon!

Anonymous said...

You could be on a hiding to nothing trying to get F.W. to accept your "credible" evidence when he, and yes it is F.W.s final decision to not accept even credible evidence from the police, ie Mario Lundy as the states were issued with the disclosure notice against Lundy about serious cruelty allegations involving children. We all know the buck stops at the top, so just because the senior civil servants and minister for education at that time Vibert refused to at least suspend Lundy then it was up to F.W.
So good luck

Zoompad said...

"yes it is F.W.s final decision to not accept even credible evidence from the police"

Oh, is F.W. above the law then?

I don't think so! Even the Queen has to obey the law, even J.C. had to obey the law, so I think F.W. is certainly not above the law, even if he is cocky enough to think he is.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard back from Jack Straw?.

Does he not want to stir up any interest in this child abuse scandal in jersey and -the cover-up by the states -in case he/new labour get embarrassed by more people knowing about his brother being a convicted sex offender?.

The time for good manners and tiptoeing around this issue is gone!.

Children WERE abused in the jersey care system.Members of the states have- and still continue-to COVER UP this abuse.

If Big Fwank and his tame coppers think this will just go away if enough JEP leaders say everything in the garden is rosy im afraid they dont understand human nature.

The paedophiles in Jersey and the people who protect them by covering up their activities WILL be caught and punished-believe it!!.

Anonymous said...

referring to my original post relating to a letter to Gordon Brown. It may be of interest to you, if you have allready not read clause 15 of the Ministry of Justice - this relates to the good government of Crown Dependencies. I feel very strongly that this paragraph relates to matters like you and Stuart are experiencing at the moment.

Their failures in many areas of Government, the cover ups etc., etc., would come within this remit.


Anonymous said...

government of
Crown Dependencies

Anonymous said...