Friday, 5 December 2008

My Response - Part 4

The Grand Prix System

Senator Shenton chooses in his opening paragraphs to criticise the GP system because it is male orientated.

Well done Ben for seeing that it was not perfect after all. No wonder you are Health Minister (for the moment) you really do know your stuff!

Interestingly he chooses a criticism that was levied by the Howard League.

Even more interesting that he chooses to cite this criticism instead of the other one quoted by the Howard League;

"9.26 As we have previously stated at para 1.1, we certainly believe the Grand Prix regime was unlawful."

Shenton goes on to say that it was very affective at reducing the levels of violence and absconding.

So were the guns used by Hitler's army!

The next bit I like the best though.

He says,

"[Simon Bellwood's]...first job was to formally discontinue the Grand Prix system and to build a modern system which reflected modern practice as per the Department of Health's Children's Homes - National Minimum Standards".

Ben Shenton you are the lowest of low. This has been fed to you be Joe Kennedy and Phil Dennett. What a bunch of idiots the three of you.

He goes on to write,

"He [Simon Bellwood] was delegated the task of dismantling this sytem by those who recruited him".

'Those that recruited him' - that was Phil Dennett and Joe Kennedy.

Joe, Phil, you're a pair of lying bastards.

When I hear things like this is motivates me further to bring these lying, deceitful and incompetent idiots to justice.

They think they can ruin my 15 year career, do a hopeless job themselves for years and just get away with it.

Not a chance boys.

Joe, Phil you will get what you both deserve trust me.

The truth is they both bullied me when I changed the GP system.

As if they ever told me to stop it. Why would they? Joe was so proud of it!

I am finishing at this point tonight because this really does piss me off.

I am now going to drink a bottle of wine and relax in front of the TV.

I want any staff who are reading this, you know the truth, to tell someone.

Phone the Police and tell them the truth.

You don't have to do it on here but do not stand by and let these two evil people ruin any more lives.

As for the rest of the equally useless and corrupt senior civil servant that conspired to cover this up and get rid of me, I am not going to stop until they have been brought to justice either.

This time next week, you wait, they will not be looking so relaxed

Don't worry, nothing sinister going on, this is not a threat or anything like that.

I would not stoop so low.

I have always played by the book and always will.

Just watch this space!

Justice will be done.