Friday, 5 December 2008

My Response - Part 4

The Grand Prix System

Senator Shenton chooses in his opening paragraphs to criticise the GP system because it is male orientated.

Well done Ben for seeing that it was not perfect after all. No wonder you are Health Minister (for the moment) you really do know your stuff!

Interestingly he chooses a criticism that was levied by the Howard League.

Even more interesting that he chooses to cite this criticism instead of the other one quoted by the Howard League;

"9.26 As we have previously stated at para 1.1, we certainly believe the Grand Prix regime was unlawful."

Shenton goes on to say that it was very affective at reducing the levels of violence and absconding.

So were the guns used by Hitler's army!

The next bit I like the best though.

He says,

"[Simon Bellwood's]...first job was to formally discontinue the Grand Prix system and to build a modern system which reflected modern practice as per the Department of Health's Children's Homes - National Minimum Standards".

Ben Shenton you are the lowest of low. This has been fed to you be Joe Kennedy and Phil Dennett. What a bunch of idiots the three of you.

He goes on to write,

"He [Simon Bellwood] was delegated the task of dismantling this sytem by those who recruited him".

'Those that recruited him' - that was Phil Dennett and Joe Kennedy.

Joe, Phil, you're a pair of lying bastards.

When I hear things like this is motivates me further to bring these lying, deceitful and incompetent idiots to justice.

They think they can ruin my 15 year career, do a hopeless job themselves for years and just get away with it.

Not a chance boys.

Joe, Phil you will get what you both deserve trust me.

The truth is they both bullied me when I changed the GP system.

As if they ever told me to stop it. Why would they? Joe was so proud of it!

I am finishing at this point tonight because this really does piss me off.

I am now going to drink a bottle of wine and relax in front of the TV.

I want any staff who are reading this, you know the truth, to tell someone.

Phone the Police and tell them the truth.

You don't have to do it on here but do not stand by and let these two evil people ruin any more lives.

As for the rest of the equally useless and corrupt senior civil servant that conspired to cover this up and get rid of me, I am not going to stop until they have been brought to justice either.

This time next week, you wait, they will not be looking so relaxed

Don't worry, nothing sinister going on, this is not a threat or anything like that.

I would not stoop so low.

I have always played by the book and always will.

Just watch this space!

Justice will be done.



Anonymous said...

New move to set up a sex offenders register

Anonymous said...


I hear through the grapevine that staff has recently been interviewed by the police, already.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Simon.
I did a brief Blog about you a few days ago & I basically said that you need at lest one of your ex staff members to speak out along side you to back up your claims.
If you can't get one of them to do the right thing, you may as well give up.
You've lost your job & now Stuart's under investigation for Dater protection, as far as I see it you should be doing your up most to get one of those crepes that you used to work with, to come out & do the right thing.
You keep saying youv'e got everdence but you need an eye witness to back you up.
Then you'll get some were.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was already aggred that a register was to be setup early this year?

Anonymous said...

but do you trust the police now, with their new puppet at the helm?

Anonymous said...

Even staff who did not no simon bellwood well no he was shafted.Simon bellood was bullied.If the police look at all the statements taken by staff including Gerard Wight statements taken the evidence is all there.What simon bellwood wrote in this blog is all correct.

from a member of staff.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Seriously, people in charge of children whith grammar as shockingly bad as that.

Somehow, I doubt that you are a member of staff, but nice try though!

Anonymous said...

whith??? grammar lol check you words before you throw stones...

Anonymous said...

The more the merrier

Anonymous said...

The shame we will not name

Anonymous said...

"I want any staff who are reading this, you know the truth, to tell someone.

Phone the Police and tell them the truth.

You don't have to do it on here but do not stand by and let these two evil people ruin any more lives. "


Please, please, don't allow this to go on any more. The abuse won't stop until the abusers are stopped. This isn't about revenge - this is about protecting the next generation from abuse. This is about snapping the circle of abuse, It's been going on for so long, and now it must stop.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you move to Scotland and then you can be with that idiot Harper.

This blog says nothing.

Anonymous said...

Because there are just as mant masonic evil paedophiles there as there are on Jersey and I suspect the last poster knows that...

Anonymous said...

To the Civil Servant troll who asks that you move to Scotland and this blog tells us nothing - on the contrary it is spilling the beans and showing the politicians and their executive puppet masters in their true colours.

My guess is that there will be more to come - leopards don't change their spots and they will continue to make idiots of themselves over and over again -

This blog plays an important role showing this ineptitude world wide

Anonymous said...

I reckon the last post was from Sara !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you asleep simon no movement of here for a while...

Anonymous said...

witness appeal for the historic abuse enquiry

Anonymous said...

The fact that the police are from the UK means nothing to the victims

The truth of the matter is well known and only officers who will conform to what the establishment’s maintenance of the status quo like the (tooth fairy) Warcup.

Getting rid of Lenny Harper spoke volumes to the victims then to employ Warcup was just a kick in the teeth for the victims.

Graham Power was the victim’s best chance of justice and Frank Walker and chums knew this only to well so they plotted against him.

The old school of corrupt police still cast their dark shadow across Jersey and any potential victim or witness know not to say a word after they see others further victimised and threatened.

The consensus across the UK is that these things did happen and those who are in power in Jersey are the people to blame.

Anonymous said...

Trust us abuse victims assured

The victims of abuse in Jersey Don't trust the police!!! They do trust Lenny Harper, Graham Power and Senator Stuart Syvret.

They don't trust the government in Jersey and they don't trust the press who in the pockets of the government.

They know this because this have your say restricts comments made by people who they dont agree with and I expect this will not be posted too but I'm sure I will find somewhere else that will post it online.