Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Tomorrow...Home Affairs (and Jersey Oak's Christmas Sale!!!)

If Ian Le Marquand gets in tomorrow I am giving up.

The police are investigating Les Chene and this guy used to send kids there to be kept in solitary confinement for 28 days.

He has already stated that the Police need to be under more political control.

What's the point................................

Just to cheer me up a little I want to change tact on my blog.

I have kept it purely professional up until now.

But there is something I need to tell you....................

Whats occurring? Well, its.........

Jersey Oak's, first ever 'Sale'.

Thats right, my company Jersey Oak, this weekend in the Royal Square.

25% off Everything.

Come and see me there.

That cheered me up a little bit.


p.s. Agent 315, if you come to see me you will have to wear a disguise!


Debbie said...

I never had you down as a quitter Simon...Nah, I don't believe you are. No matter what happens in the States today, keep your head held high and keep on fighting for what you believe is right!

Congratulations on your first ever sale. You've got a prime position for it there in the Royal Square, so hopefully you'll do well. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

If you do give up, I just want to thank you for all you did Simon. You might think you failed, but you would be wrong to think that. You've kept people like me going, you and Stuart, and what a boost you've given me!

If you don't do any more campaigning any more please don't feel bad about it. It's thankless work, and you've given the abusers such a good verbal bashing, no-one can take back what you've done, it's like those men who chop trees down, first they go round putting crosses on all the trees up for the chop - that's like what you and Stuart have done, and the abusers are known to so many people.

You've done good, Simon, you deserve a nice Christmas and a rest from all of this.


Anonymous said...

quit now and everything you have said and done will have been for nothing!!!

Anonymous said...

Cover-up in the Whitehouse

Adrian said...

Simon please don't give up, I can fully understand how you feel, but the information you have and your experience can help a lot of people.

It's just a shame that more people who have witnessed what has happened will not come forward and support you and Stuart.

Anonymous said...

"It's just a shame that more people who have witnessed what has happened will not come forward and support you and Stuart."

They can't come unless they know. They need to be told.

Some of us Mothers for Justice ladies set ourselves a 3 person target - that is that we try to tell three people every day about the secret family courts. In my case, I have a six person target - thre secret family courts and three institutional child abuse. You can do this anywhere - in the bus stop queue, railway waiting room, the pub, the shops, anywhere where there are people. We have a duty to tell people, as many people as we can.

Do you know how the good news of Christ's ressurection was spread? Mouth to mouth, through the normal everyday grapevine. If the media is corrupt or gagged then it dows not matter as we each of us have a very powerful weapon - our own mouths.

We can reach these people, just by gossipping. Just as the good news, the Bible was gossipped, we must gossip this news also.


Anonymous said...


You think people have not bothered to speak up, you would be wrong.I hear several staff are still being interviewed by the police at Greenfields.

Can you put your faith in the police, we shall see.

Lots of areas have improved due to your fight. Lots of people think your fight was heroic, but they are afraid to admit it in front of certain people.

I dont think all those senior managers ever expected to be shaken up by one of "the UK Social Workers"

But they have and they really dont like it, nevermind they will get over it! And closing ranks should be harder for them in the future.

Perhaps they will do the job the tax payer is paying for and be accountable for the vulnerable children on Jersey.

I think your name is clear, don't listen to the stupidity in the "leaked letter".

You've been champion, you've played a blinder.

Your last blog made me laugh, the oligarchy, its all a big joke isn't it.

I like the look of your tables, good luck with your new career.


Anonymous said...

Simon, you may feel you have lost this battle, but keep going and spring back from any 'blips' as the war is far from over!!

There are MANY of us fighting our own similar battles and we all need to take strength from each other and the fact that overall we wont be beaten. The fact we are fighting at all is a victory as for so long the Jersey oligarchy remained unchallenged. They are now being challenged from all corners and stood up to like never before and you, me, Stuart and every other person who is doing so needs to remain strong and keep going, however many times they try to knock us down.

Believe me, I know what you are going through and how completely draining and demoralising it can be putting so much time, energy and thought processes into something so important and yet having times where you feel like you are getting nowhere. BUT never forget how it feels each time you get somewhere, and are listened to, and most importantly that what you did by exposing the truth really has made a difference to so many people.

We (me included) are fighting our individual battles not only for ourselves, but to give strength and support to others AND for the best interests of the island and its people as a whole.

Realistically most of the current 'establishment'are a generation or more older than you or me, and yes as painful as it is they are having their 'day' running or should I say RUINING Jersey. Some comfort is the fact that most if not all of them are way past their sell by date and it is only a matter of time until a new generation come through forcing them and what they stand for out for good.

In the meantime, all you, me and the rest of us can do is keep going, and keep challenging them. They may see us like an annoying wasp and try to swat us one at a time but there is a swarm of us out here and they cant swat all of us especially if we stick together and come at them from numerous angles.

Apart from uniting like minded people on yours and Stuarts blog Have you or Stuart considered the possibility of trying to get supporters to meet together? I think this should be something you and Stuart should consider doing.

All of your individual supporters out there, many of whom are battling the establishment as an individual and are isolated, would I am sure benefit greatly from this. Whether they are fighting against political failings and cover-ups in our childcare system/States departments or oppression, bullying and/or unfair dismissal at the hands of the States of Jersey as an employer, they all have a lot in common.

Maybe only a few people would have the courage to meet at first, but I am sure with time and confidence, more people would come forward and would benefit greatly. Maybe you or Stuart could do a Poll to see how many people think its a good idea and/or would attend?

Ideas for the name of such a group... AOA (Anti-Oligarchy Anonymous!)or AAO (Action Against Oligarchy) or CBTSOJHG (Crushed by the States of Jersey help group)or HE (Had Enough) or something similar!!

Good luck with everything!

JT alias Jersey Truth

Anonymous said...


Keep plugging away – behind the scenes if necessary! Little comments here can make a big difference elsewhere. As they say ‘take small bites but chew it well’. Lets see what happens in the New Year, if not before! There will be changes, it’s happening already! Don’t pack it in ……… completely …… just yet!!


Eugene Planque said...


On the 5th of December, on the subject of Phil and Joe, you wrote:

"This time next week, you wait, they will not be looking so relaxed"

Just wondering if you had any update on this?

How did the sale go for you? Plenty of support shown for you in the Square?


Agent 316 said...

I went and said hello, and Simon Says plenty of others had done so too :)

Anonymous said...

A new post please Simon just when you have the time though as I know its busy for everyone about now