Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Simon Bellwood - Round 2!

Dear all,

Firstly let me apologise for the lack of attention to my blog site over recent months.

I have no excuse other than I have been really busy... starting a new career.

Those of you who had previously followed my blog will know that the States of Jersey decided that I was not very good at social work and to prove their point they sacked me.

In response, rather than leave Jersey (much to their disappointment), I embarked on a new career and I am here to stay. Although not as active in pursuit of justice as I would like to be, and despite my lack of attention to my blog, I have endeavoured to keep the pressure on in order to promote the rights of children.

Oh, before I go on, I almost forgotto say 'Hi' to Phil (Dennett). Marnie (Baudains), Joe (Kennedy), Linda (Dodds), Madeleine (Davies), Mikey (Pollard) and Mickey (Pinel), Billy (Ogley) and Franky (Wa*ker). Long time no speak, I hope you are all well?

Anyway, getting back to my blog, where have I found the energy to start blogging again? All will be revealed!

I intend on posting blogs in relation to the imminent publication of the Howard League report as well as looking at the entrenched bullying culture within the States of Jersey's civil service.

An area I am sure will provoke some strong reactions. Have you been bullied and not believed?

The imminent release of the Howard League report will also provoke some strong responses, whether they be employees, former residents or the general public.

Did you know that Jersey lock up more children than the rest of Europe? Ironic when you consider the previous role of the senatorial pole topper?

I would love to hear from you with suggestions of what topics should be covered within this blog.

As always I am particularly keen to hear from Greenfields staff and residents (and their families).

But just to warn you, the Grand Prix didn't happen.

We all know and accept that it was an unfortunate policy document that was misrepresented.

Just so you know, do not try and condemn this view as it will not be mentioned on my blog due to the controversy it may cause.

Clearly there is no evidence to suggest that it happened, it is only disaffected individuals (like me) who claim that children were locked in solitary confinement for long periods of time (which was unlawful).

It is an open and shut case, put it to rest, lest talk about more pressing issues like the...uhhmmm?

I look forward to your comments.

Simon Bellwood
The Social Worker who was sacked AFTER (and not for)whistle blowing