Saturday, 22 November 2008

I have been accused of being "Purile and Conceited"

A blog comment has been left stating,

"If you are serious about providing Frank with the evidence, put it in an envelope. Then you can hold your head up and say you have provided it. otherwise you are just dicking around. By the way, the piece in today's JEP, bad move. You came across as purile and conceited. Not impressed."

The word "Purile" does not exist. Did you mean Puerile or Puriel, they can easily be confused?

However, a minor slip of spelling tells a different story.

Puerile means childish and immature

However, if you meant I was Puriel then says,

"Puriel is an angel who appears in the apocryphal work of the Testament of Abraham... charged with the task of examining the soul of each person brought to heaven after death".

Let us hope that this person's soul is good or perhaps I am just being childish?


ps. I will be posting a blog later with a Frank email to Frank.


Anonymous said...

is it possible for someone to put a copy of the interview on here - on thisisjersey they just say you have been interviewed but dont give the full text and I no longer live there so cant get a copy of jep to read it in full. Thankyou.

Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower said...

If there is a computer nerd out there who can spare us five minutes I can publish it on here.

I have the articles in PDF format and if someone can email me I will send the PDF to be changed to Jpeg.

Then I can put them on here.



voiceforchildren said...

I would like a look at the article and would appreciate a computer nerd putting it on here.

I also have the HLPR's report on my PC in PDF format (whatever that is) and would like to put it on my site. If anybody could help with that I would appreciate it.

Simon PLEEEAAAAASE take me up on my offer to film you collaring Frank in the square!!

Anonymous said...


Regarding the comment posted => ""if you are serious about providing Frank with the evidence, put it in an envelope. Then you can hold your head up and say you have provided it. otherwise you are just dicking around.""

Whoever wrote this is a TOTAL waste of space and most certainly part of the 'establishment' themselves. If I were you I wouldnt even give idiots like this any time by responding to them on your blog!

How can anyone criticise you for trying to do the right thing and expose serious failings in the States of Jersey???!!!

What are they actually doing in their own life to make a difference? Are they taking on the Jersey establishement single-handed, trying to expose corruption and cover-ups? NO!!!

There are not many people in Jersey who have ever taken on the establishment as you are doing nor are there many people who can or will stand up publically for what they believe in because they are 'too scared' of repercussions. Hence why most people (including me)post comments anonymously!!!

Unless this 'anonymous' person is prepared to leave comments using their true identity and so hold their head up and say what they believe, they have no business criticising you.

If 'critical Mr/Mrs Anonymous' can do any better themselves then PLEASE CAN THEY DO SO, IF NOT, they should take a leaf out of the establishment's own book AND Put up or Shut up!!!

JT alias Jersey Truth

Anonymous said...

dear Simon
Apologies for misspelling "puerile". I'm afraid i am a bit dyslexic. Fortunately you managed to get across to your readers just what "puerile and conceited" mean in your kind response. i know what's in my soul, you'll find an "r" in front of yours. "Whistleblower House" what a wanker.

Anonymous said...

How funny was your dyslexic friend!

Good for you, publishing it.

Somebody has had there cage rattled?

Its ok, i know you well.

To the readers who don't know you so well:

You are neither a w***er or an a***hole.

JEP article great on Saturday.

Any news from Frank yet?

Good luck keep going.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry people will be brought to account for what ever they have done, even the people in charge. No one will escape the repercussions of their actions or inactions. They can try and bullshit their way out but it won't work all will become known by all after death. We will then all know who has been a lieing bastard all their lives and who hasn't.I myself can't wait to see who has done what and who has covered up things.