Friday, 21 November 2008

Frank's Frank Reply

You will all be pleased to know that I have received a reply from Frank.

How did he do it?

Did he email me?

Did he send a car to collect me in order to meet with him?

Did he get a letter couriered to me?

Did he telephone me?

No. He sent me a text!

Yep, that's right, Jersey’s Chief Minister in response to someone offering him 'The Evidence' he has requested, he sent a text.

Why didn’t he just pick up his banana shaped, 'life enriching' phone and call me?

So, what did the text say?

"Dear Mr. Belwood. I have received you message. For reasons you should be well aware of, and some you will be shortly become aware of, I'm afraid I am not prepared to meet you. If after all this time you do indeed have new evidence please either send it to me or give it to Bill Ogly, who has already offered to meet you. I can assure you it will be given our full attention. Frank Walke"

What do you think?

Let’s have a competition to see who can come up with the best text message that I can send back?

The rules - there are only two (which is one more than the Chief Ministers Dept, who's only rule is "We are always right")

1. Must be under 100 words

2. Must not be libellous

Look forward to your texts.



Anonymous said...

Simon – this is not a text reply, just a thought!.

Hopefully the police can get their paperwork finished before Frank leaves office!

Anonymous said...

So what are the reasons he won't meet with you or won't he say.

voiceforchildren said...


What does me mean by,
"For reasons you should be well aware of, and some you will be shortly become aware of, I'm afraid I am not prepared to meet you"?

Anonymous said...

As I have said the information is of a sensitive nature and can only be given to you Mr Walker giving this evidence to anyone else would seriously conflict with the Criminal Evidence Act 1999,Civil Evidence Act 1995 and the data protection act.

Anonymous said...

You could try just sending him the evidence. This is not a game.

Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower said...

This is no game you are correct.

I cannot just send evidence for two reasons.

Firstly, it would take at least 30 pages of writing to explain it. This is a very complicated and long standing issue which has become too complex to simply explain in a little letter.

Secondly, something which I caanot go into too much detail at this stage and certainly not on this blog. Lets just say I cannot take some of the new evidence to him. I have to take him to the evidence.

As for "Reasons I am well aware of", I have no idea whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

"For reasons you should be well aware of, and some you will be shortly become aware of.."

Is that a threat?

Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower said...

Another Frank exchange!

Gues who I saw outside the Magistrates Court at 2.45 this afternoon.

That's right, Frank.

I was in my car and he was across the street.

I shouted, "Frank I need to meet with you, its Simon Bellwood".

He replied, "send it in [I assume he meant the evidence]."

I said, "Frank, I really to need to speak with you"

He said, "No"

I said, "if you are refusing to speak with me what does that say for how you run Jersey".

By this point the traffic lights had turned green, Frank had turned red and I had to go.


Zoompad said...

"For reasons you should be well aware of, and some you will be shortly become aware of, I'm afraid I am not prepared to meet you."

What reasons? Has he been arrested or something?

Ever Hopeful said...

Shall we get a petition together?
Not sure of the wording but something like....
'We the public of Jersey listed below request that the Chief Minister Senator Frank Walker meets with Mr Simon Bellwood in order for Mr Bellwood to show the Chief Minister some evidence in respect of Jersey's Historic Child Care Abuse Disaster. As your humble electorate, we urge you to do this before your term of office ends and would be duly disappointed in your leadership if you refused to accept this invitation'.
I'm sure some expert could improve on this wording. With a dedicated workforce, we could get loads of signatures in pubs, King Street, Les Quennevais etc. and put it on his in-tray Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

Please help me here – have I heard correctly, on the radio this morning, Joe Kennedy and crew saying that the Grand Prix WAS used. Am I mistaken here, but were they all denying it was ever used! Looks like a ’back peddle’ to me. As Stuart says ‘you couldn’t make it up’

Zoompad said...

Simon, have you contacted the NSPCC?

You should, as the same people are still in charge of children.

I'm sure they will want to know about this.

voiceforchildren said...


If you know of any civil servant who is the subject of a notice of disclosure for being actively investigated for violent physical abuse against children who might still hold a position anywhere near children, and hasn't been suspended as a nuetral act could you let the NSPCC know about that also?

Anonymous said...


Frank - Due to the xxx law I am unable to deliver the evidence to Bill Ogley, I therefore confirm that I wil hand deliver the evidence gathered on Monday next.

I would then deliver by hand a letter marked 'strictly private addressee only F Walker' to his office and ask for a receipt.

If you do this you will have complied with his request - the ball is then in his court and he must then contact is not rocket science!

Anonymous said...

Do you want FW to launch an enquiry. what would that do exactly? We now know GP happened, we know it was wrong, we hope it wont happen again.You have been cleared, Stuart has been seen to take appropriate action - a[art from eat humble pie what can FW do?

The police have the evidence to which you refer,so the only reason I can see in handing it to FW is to persuade him to launch an enquiry ........but we know the outcome - they did it and they were wrong - what am I missing?

Anonymous said...


Dear Frank, i thought that i would kindly give you the opportunity to do something great for the public of the Island, to be remembered with affection and not disgust. Therefore i request a meeting with you on .... where i will give you the evidence that you can act on immediately so you can change how you will be viewed in history for the better.


Anonymous said...

collar him in the square on the way to the next States sitting? Have a film crew with you to record the event?

voiceforchildren said...


If you are thinking of collaring BIG Frank in the square, let me know, it is something I would love to get on film. Consider me and my camera at your service!!

Anonymous said...

Of course he's right not to meet you.

It's also nonsence the evidence can't be put in writing

You're just on one huge ego trip thinking you should meet FW. Fianlly why don't you allow any comments which disagree with you on your blog?