Thursday, 20 November 2008

How do you give the Evidence requested to the Chief Minister?

How do you indeed?

Well I will explain what I have tried to do in detail below. However, before I go into detail I would like to highlight an attempt which I made in August 2007, this was my first attempt.

Attempt 1

I asked my advocate to write to Senator Walker to arrange a meeting in order for me to discuss what had happened at greenfields and to present him with the evidence.

On this occasion he declined the offer.

Since then you will have heard the Chief Minister’s very loud and public plea for evidence to be given to him.

I took this as an opportunity to provide him with what he so boldly asked for.

The question is how do you do that, how do you get to speak to Frank?

Attempt 2

Yesterday, Wednesday 19th November, after hearing that he was attending a meeting at the Pomme Dor Hotel at 10.30am (see my previous blog), I drove to the hotel and left a message for him via the duty manager, see “A Frank Message” attached.

It read:

“Simon Bellwood

Offer of meeting with you in Aug 2007, which he [you] declined.

I extend that invitation today.

He [Frank] requested on radio this morning for evidence to be presented to him. Should he wish to see this evidence, then please contact [me] for a meeting. 07797 888XXX”

I received no response to this invitation.

Attempt 3

I telephoned the Chief Ministers Department this morning and left an urgent message for the Chief Minister.

The reply I received was not from him but a senior civil servant, namely Bill Ogley.

Incidently, the last time I spoke to this man was when he apologised that my family and I had to go through what we had been through (the day following the employment tribunal)!

More money than morals and in a great big hole with no shovel!

Anyway, during this call from Bill Ogley, which was very ‘Frank’ and to the point. I quickly established that he [Bill] wanted me to give him [Bill} the evidence.

I of course said no chance mate! I suggested that he was assuming the evidence was not about him. He replied, ‘Is it about me’?

Anyway, an exchange of words followed and after I made it plainly clear that I was inviting the Chief Minister to attend a meeting with me so that I could present him with the evidence that he has requested.

Bill Ogley said that it was his job, as Chief Minister’s agent, to get the evidence from me and then speak to Frank.

I declined of course!

I reiterated my offer and said that I would not give him the evidence and that he needs to make a decision about whether to tell Frank.

The call ended by me telling him I no longer wished to speak with him and that I would like him to ask Frank to call me.

I then said good day ended the call.

Attempt 4

I looked in the telephone directory and there was a number for Frank.

To be Frank I was amazed the Chief Ministers number is actually in the phone book.

I dialed but no answer.

Attempt 5

Has anyone got a mobile number for him?

If anyone sees him in passing then please pass the message on to him that I have the evidence he wants. All he has to do is call me for it.

Also, pass on to him that I have another very very significant person who has kindly agreed to provide him with other independent and cast iron evidence too.

Seriously, though, this is concrete evidence that can never be denied, discredited, rejected or criticised. Please pass this on to him for me.

I could go on but I wanted to be Frank!

UPDATE @22.10. Attempt 5

Just called Frank on his mobile. No Answer but I left a message for him to call me. I will try and get the recording on this blog for you if I can.



Anonymous said...

Keep going Simon, you are a rock and your certainly rocking their boat!!!

Zoompad said...

That is a disgrace! Simon, you have to contact Jack Straw - this just can't go on - it's farcical!

Anonymous said...

Why haven't you handed this evidence to the police?

Anonymous said...


I think Frank is beginning to look a bit desperate now, he's backing himself so much into a corner there's no way out. Good for you that you didn't back down in the teeth of even more civil service bullying in the form of Bill Ugly. I guess you're pretty immune to that now! Still what you describe is truly representative of how the civil service works.

Keep going, can you get some UK press coverage on this as well?

I hope you continue to expose Frank for what he really is a bully and of course like all bullies ultimately a coward.

When will some of the other States Members stand up and be counted in all this, they are presiding over a total debacle and seem completely powerless or more likely gutless to do anything about it.

Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower said...

"Why haven't you handed this evidence to the police?"

I have.

Anonymous said...

20% of people believe that Phil should not be suspended.

What is wrong with you people?

Phil Dennett, has been in charge of children's services for over 10 years.

He was in charge when Lundy, Chippers, the Red Handed Zorro, Mansell, Kennedy were in charge and 20% of people still think the guy should not be supended?

As a neutral act, pending investigation, stop playing judge and jury and lets see if Walker calls for public inquiry? If he does, he has to be suspended pending the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Simon for what you are doing to help make Jersey a better place for the ordinary people. Frank has been so bullish throughout his political career and bullying dominates in the civil service and political circles. Frankly, I can't wait for him to leave Jersey and settle in Dubai.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work. Surely Frank cant keep hiding and will HAVE TO meet you!! His current avoidance of you says it all!

Regarding another key player Senator Perchard. Today Thurs 20th November, Senator Perchard was seen holding a 'secret' meeting sat in his red Land rover/Range rover 4x4 down a field track in St Martin at 12 noon, the field number is 423. Senator Perchard had a 'second' man' in his passenger seat.

Interestingly, they were not alone as parked behind them on the track was a 'third' man driving a large silver 4 x 4 possibly a Lexus or Chrysler. This car had blacked out boot window and rear side windows.

THERE COULD BE a totally innocent explanation why a Senator and friend/colleague would drive down a field track to have a meeting with 'another' man who drove there separately in his own car.

However I do believe I am right in saying IT IS NOT normal for Senators to hold meetings down farm tracks... OR is it??

Perhaps if anyone knows what car Frank Walker, Ben Shenton, David Warcup, Mick Gradwell, Phil Dennett, Joe Kennedy, Mario Lundy, Rob Shipley, Bill Ogley etc etc drive.... AND if it happens to be a large silver 4 x 4 then we will have more evidence of the lengths the establishment are going to, to collude with and protect their own.

The establishment needs to understand supporters of Simon Bellwood and Stuart Syvret are everywhere and soon there will be nowhere 'safe and secret' for them to hide. We are on to them!

JT alias Jersey Truth

Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower said...

If you want to listen to the message that I left Frank in the updated Attempt 5 then please follow this link to You Tube.


voiceforchildren said...


Keep it up mate, keep it up!! After leaving the message on his answerphone have you had a reply?

one of the nerds said...

Clickable link to message left to Frank

Zoompad said...

"Why haven't you handed this evidence to the police?"

I have.



Anonymous said...

if you are serious about providing Frank with the evidence, put it in an envelope. Then you can hold your head up and say you have provided it. otherwise you are just dicking around. By the way, the piece in today's JEP, bad move. You came across as purile and conceited. Not impressed.