Saturday, 17 May 2008

Is Joe Kennedy going back to Greenfields? - Bill Ogley says he is???

I thought you may all like to know that I had dinner with Senator Syvret the other night and one of his moles from Health and Social Services has told him of a meeting chaired by Bill Ogley last Tuesday.

Stuart was informed that around 35 people were called to this meeting and they were told a number of things, he spoke about Stuart's blog, and my blog, Joe Kennedy and Andrew Williamson and Howard League.

Some of the points he made were:

1. There will be no more investigations for a long time (I find it interesting that the top Chief Executive of the civil service can be so sure that no forthcoming events will require investigations - this kind of statement does fill me with confidence about States of Jersey!!!).

2. We have lessons to learn (but Will they learn them - I doubt it very much? Why would they start learning lessons now?).

3. After being asked why they don't sue Stuart Syvret and myself he responded by saying we don't have much money and they don't want to make us bankrupt (or perhaps he meant to say that if they did sue the Court hearing would make public all that we have to say, and that wouldn't be good news!).

4. He was asked how they are going to deal with the likely problems of recruiting more social workers from the UK. He stated that they want to get on side with Community Care but unfortunately they seem to be believing Simon Bellwood's story (Erm.., I think he meant to say that unfortunately the Community Care team cannot be bought off or manipulated and that they prefer to believe the truth than the cock and bull stories that the States of Jersey tell them!).

5. He was asked why Andrew Williams did not interview all staff from social services. He responded by saying that 'maybe he was happy with what other people had already told him'.

6. He praised the police on their great job in relation to Haute de La Garenne (Here here, I agree they have done a great job. Look out when they start coming for the people in top civil servants jobs - Bill Ogley may not be so full of praise then when his mates start feeling a hand on their collars).

7. Finally, he said that Joe Kennedy, who has been suspended, will be back at Greenfields in a few days.

The other stuff was not so important than what I have written above.

So, questions, is Joe Kennedy going back or not? I saw Joe Kennedy being driven to Greenfields on Wednesday afternoon - would be great to know whats going on.

If anyone has any information which I can publish here, I would be very happy to share it with the readers.

Please leave some comments. I will be publishing the reports written by Linda Dodds, Phil Dennett and Madeliene Davies in the next day or so.


Anonymous said...


Of course Joe Kennedy will go back to Greenfields - because if he didn't and they said there was a problem with him - this would validate your story and make them look really stupid.

It's yet another example of the impregnability of the senior civil service. They cannot allow a single chink in their armour because to do so would make them all vulnerable to a fatal blow. The outcome of the investigation was never going to be anything else.

It just confirms my belief that nothing in Jersey will ever change. The only hope would be for the UK Government to come in and declare the current council of ministers unfit for office. And the likelihood of that? Not a chance!

Still keep up the needling - it does get to them and it also deprives them of their most powerful weapon - secrecy and manipulation of information. This is a guerrilla war - and must continue.

Anonymous said...

Again, swept under the carpet. Joe K back to work possibly and business as usual. Keep our head down and we will survive, this is the mantra from HSSD.

It beggars belief. What is Senators Shenton/Perchard doing about this? Surely they do not believe that both you and Stuart are making this up. As SS says, you could not make this up.

I will certainly not be voting for either of these two and would encourage others not to also.

Anonymous said...


Jo Kennedy was suspended for a reason - to deflect attention from the real issues.

The abuse at Greenfields, the lack of advocacy for the kids. The lack of independent and trained inspection of the service.

The Bull report came out in over 5 years ago have the recommendations been acted on.

If not, why not?

Apparently the Minister for H&SS (Ben Shenton) has emailed all staff explaining that there is strong management and to ignore rumours

Guess we have a new show in town - the Bill and Ben show

The irony is the previous Bill and Ben show featured puppets. Who is the puppet master in the new show?