Monday, 5 May 2008

A story from a psychic about Haute de La Garenne

Yesterday I had a call from a Canadian lady.

She started the conversation by telling me that she had psychic abilities. I spent some time talking with the lady who descibed her vision to me in great detail.

I asked the lady to email me the details she was descibing to me and she also had a sketch she had done of her vision.

I have attached the picture and her email in its original format. I have removed her name so that she can remain anomymous.

If you have any comments to make then I will publish them and the lady will be able to answer as she is following my blog too.

"Dear Simon (and Sen. Syvret)

Thank you for being so open and receptive to the information I gave you during our telephone conversation and for your assurance of maintaining my anonymity as well as insuring this information will be passed on to Stuart Syvret.

I hope you can provide the person known as "Chris" with reassurance that once his friend's Truth is spoken, he will rest in peace. The day after I experienced this 'visit' the story appeared on the news, the first I'd heard of this matter.

I first want to applaud you for your ongoing, relentless and courageous effforts to bring attention to the haenous crimes of abuse to the children of Haut de la Gerenne in Jersey.

As a middle aged, white Canadian, I bear the shame of that Canadians now feel as similar accounts have come out - acts done to our native children placed without choice into Residential schools during earlier decades of our history.

Justice is very slow, and in some cases non-exsistant. Yet some healing can happen once truths are spoken.

Let me provide a brief introduction about myself. To put it plainly, I am gifted with more psychic ability than the average person. Although I do not pursue a career in the field, nor have formal paranormal training, I have received communications from the other side over the last many decades, in many forms.

In this matter I feel compelled to relay communications I have received. Have said all this, it is not the only reason I am writing. I am deeply sad for the children, and angry that such people are still walking free to abuse again.

When the three Spirits communicated their experiences, I assured them I would pass on what they wanted known.

I apologize for my rettissance in getting this letter written. I feel sick to my stomach about what I witnessed, every time I have tried to write it and hope the children can forgive me for taking so long. What they endured was far beyond the discomfort we may feel in discussions of these horrors.

During the wee hours of Feb 23/08, the night before this story came out across international news and the internet, I had a visit from three of the children from this school, two girls and a boy, spoke to me in the form of a dream/vision.

The following is an account of what was said and shown to me. The young boy who particularly wants to be heard, his truth be known, even if it is not considered as valid investigative evidence.

By passing this on, he can at last have peace and cross into the Light. He said he will not do so until I ‘tell’ the truths about his death.

I have sketched the two girls who's features were clearer, and remain in my memory, although the clothing I've sketched may not be accurate, I was focused on their faces during the vision.

The boy was so agitated with outrage and emotion that he didn't stay still long enough for me to lock onto his facial features. ( he was a blurr) I do recall him as being a young adolescent, with pale freckled complection, dark blonde or light brown hair, very short, and thin in body.

Here is my account of the vision I experienced :
At first I was in a cellar with two girls who looked approximately 6 and 8 years old. The younger, dark haired girl sat in a chair by a plain wooden table next to the wall. She crouched and looked frightened and in a state of dread.

The blonde curly haired girl stood next to the table.. facing an ominous adult gray haired male, somewhat stocky around the middle, standing only a few feet away.

The Blonde girl pointed to the man saying 'he is retired now'…'he ‘s the one!” she said with indignance. She showed me a young boy, early adolescent, who was hanging from a tree outside...the blonde girl told me that 'they' (staff) told everyone that he hung himself, but he didn't !.

Suddenly the boy was also present in the vision … visibly upset, he yelled that I "TELL THEM .. I DID NOT HANG MYSELF !!" He added they “strangled me ... and then hung me just to cover it up! Tell them !! "

. Someone called out the name "Stuart". I nodded to the boy and turned my attention back to the two girls.

The blonde girl pointed again at the adult male (her abuser and murderer), ... who wore a colorful costume of some sort (with a hat) and fake beard or possibly white scarf. I wondered if it was a clown costume or just what.

Now I was once again seeing through her eyes…and experiencing what she experienced. as she looked at the man who was a few feet away. With his left hand he beckoned her to come closer to him. She stayed where she was standing, defying him.

Suddenly he reached under his 'beard' and pulled out a white cloth, perhaps costume padding or a folded scarf. He quickly stepped forward and shoved it into her mouth as far as he could.

The blonde girl could not breathe and was asphyxiated while the dark haired girl watched in horror, thinking she was next. I felt the life leave the body of the blonde girl.

I floated up the stairs of this man’s house. The top of the stairs had a wall running perpendicular to the stairs. On the far wall was a collection of decorative plates, predominantly blue in color.

I realized this was shown to identify who the person is. I also was shown an outer exterior of a brick, semi detached home in a row of housing units.

My focus returned to the three children's Spirits. The Light appeared and the two girls held hands and began walking into it, the Blonde one looking back and saying 'you will tell them won't you'. I said yes.

They smiled and disappeared into the Light. The boy said he will not go into the Light until he is sure I have told 'them' that he did NOT hang himself, and only once his truth is known, then will he cross over. I gave my word and again, feel terrible for having taken so long to write this letter.

If you have read this far down, I thank you, on behalf of myself, but more especially on behalf of three brave souls who stepped forward to provide information to you via myself, a humble messenger.

May everyone who has spoken out for these children feel some of the Peace they feel, now knowing that you did not forget or dismiss these atrocities, but cared enough about them to continue in your efforts.

I wish you much success and many Blessings in this endeavor and in the future.

I would much appreciate to receive a reply/ follow-up to assure me that this information has been passed on to anyone who may benefit from it.

Also that you respect my wish to keep my identity anonymous and private.

Most sincerely


I replied to the lady's email and forwarded her a copy of the Times article which was featured in yesterday's Sunday Times magazine, her reply which I recieved this evening is as follows:

"Dear Simon

Thank you so much for passing my email to Stuart. I hope he and all of you who are speaking out, are somewhat encouraged to know that your efforts are admired.

I commend you all for having the courage to take the actions you have. Certainly you have my permission to post my email and the sketch. Thank you for ensuring my anonymity. I do not wish to become a focal point in this matter, the abuses are what needs to be focused on in order for changes to happen.

Thank you so much for the link to the article. I found it very interesting and informative and gave me a much better understanding of the history and events which Stuart and others are striving to expose and initiate changes.

I was especially moved by the accounts of Kevin and Michael O'Connell, and of course wonder if Michael is the young lad I was 'visited' by.

I would like you to know that after our telephone conversation, I have felt an enormous sense of peace and joy coming from the 'other side'. This sense is still present as I write this message to you.

It seems the young lad has now crossed into the Light at last, and can dwell in a state of peace and happiness. I must say, that prior to my contacting you, each time I felt his presence, I was impressed with the patience he showed me, and felt he was a lad with a good heart despite the anger in him.

I watched a few news clips about public demonstrations that took place in support of investigations into the abuses, and was moved that there are people on Jersey who are outraged enough to actively show their support.

We could take heed and look into our own county's abuses. I will keep you and all the survivors in my prayers, and hope the much needed changes you are all striving to achieve will come to pass.

All the best



Anonymous said...


This is getting a bit weird now. If I were you I'd stick to the truth and evidence of what you saw, what you heard and what documents you have to back this up - otherwise you will start to discredit the facts.

Information and facts are much more powerful than daft visions from someone who could have pieced together a fanciful tale from the reports that are already in the public domain (e.g. Paisnel going in as Father Christmas, Anton Skinner retired civil servant, television interviews with victims etc, etc).

Anonymous said...


I thought you were going to post your story. We still don't know what went on at Greenfields in any detail, what pressures you were put under - if any - we still don't know what led to your dismissal, or the account of your dealings with the management.

This is interesting to people who may have gone through a similar experience and would be indicative of a dysfunctional service as a whole.

Anonymous said...


I really do think that including this sort of mumbo jumbo is not really helping the situation at all. You are certainly likely to be ridiculed for including psychic messages. I urge you to delete it and keep to your story.

Anonymous said...

Started reading the ladies e mail but got bored halfway through. I agree with the other comments on here, stick to facts, your experiences backed by documentation and witnesses.

I applaud your willingness to give peoples opinions some credibility, no matter how diverse or bizzare but it is not something I would have expected to read on your blogsite.

Anonymous said...


This dilutes the credibility of you blog. I am sure the individual believes in the such abilities but facts are beyond doubt.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't really dilute your credibility to simply state the facts of what has been passed onto you. Stuff like this is all part of the rich tapestry of life.. and it's certainly not beyond the realms of possibility that a lad who supposedly hanged himself was actually murdered.