Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Health Service offering Free Smears!

Updated 27th November @8pm.

What you have all been waiting for, the moment of Truth about Simon Bellwood and Greenfields etc.

I didn't think he had it in him, but Senator Shenton has today affirmed his place in the ranks of the Establishment.

To the right you will find the real truth about Greenfields, as written by Senator Shenton yesterday, on 25th November 2008. This letter was submitted to all States Members.

When you read this you must keep it a secret as the letter is written in the strictest confidence. The letter was leaked to me today, posted through my letterbox in an unmarked envelope. Thank you.

I have placed the letter on my blog. I am sure that it will be of interest to the police officers who are investigating issues relating to the peversion of the course of justice, and misconduct in public office, during my employment tribunal. The tribunal concluded with a settlement on 12th March this year.

I will be writing a more substantive post tomorrow. For tonight, just read the letter. Form your own views, make an unbiased decision based on "the Truth" as reported by Senator Shenton. Read his balanced, fair and honest rendition of events, and make up your own mind, just as all States Members who received this document have been politely advised to do.

Did Senator Shenton pen this letter himeslf? I recognise the hand of Joe Kennedy within its smearing prose, and no doubt Mike Pollard played a substantial role as the 'evidence' presented about my mal-practice has come directly from Mr Pollard's "Bellwood Tribunal Witness Training Programme'.

Just so you are aware, I have not had a reply of any kind from Senator Walker to my letter offering to show him the evidence that he so sincerely seeks.

Nor has Senator Shenton endeavoured to respond to me. Nor his parter in "Truth", Senator Perchard.

Can we now conclude that Senator Walker is refusing to see, hear, or admit the existence of, the evidence? See no evil, hear no evil ...

Can we now also conclude that Senator Shenton is not intending to re-investiagte my complaint into abusive childcare practices at Greenfields, despite the existence of highly credible evidence, as stated by the Howard League?

Enjoy the letter.

It paints a rosy picture of me as a raving, ranting, cussing racist, who didn't have a clue how to look after children in secure accommodation. Even when the children were allegedly very big, heavy, violent and threatening. Which, by the way, they weren't. But does being a big, heavy child mean that you are no longer a child? Apparently so ...

Well done, Senator Shenton, us parents can sleep soundly knowing that you are at the helm of Social Services and that deadful, useless Bellwood chap is...erm...not.

Speak tomorrow



Anonymous said...

If anyone can provide a link to the letter that would be good, instead of going to page, zoom on internet browser.

Senator Shrek Shenton has really pulled out all the stops on this one.

Keep going Simon...

Anonymous said...

I can't see it! I will have to take it to the library to enlarge it tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Check out the link below to see all the BBC Radio Jersey Interviews following the release of the Howard League Report.


JT alias Jersey Truth

Anonymous said...

Image is too small to read. Please can you find some other way to scan it at 100% text size? Scanning as such a small image does not "upscale" well.

Anonymous said...

Please can you provide a larger scan of pages seperately. I'd need "Spooks" enhancement software to get anything readable out of this.

Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower said...

If anyone has a web space I will email it to you so that we can put a link on here.

Drop me an email to


voiceforchildren said...

Can't read it anything a computer nerd can do?

Anonymous said...

just make a readable version and post it again as an image, please

Anonymous said...

So frustrated, can't read the letter, and the other whistleblower re jerseyhospital has been removed, see comments It's not a childrens home.

Please help- it's cruel to do this to a woman- think this cat's going to be killed!!

Anonymous said...

By the way Bernado's are currently running a very graphic and explicit ad on ITV which says it all really about child abuse.The more this is seen by the abused it could give them the courage to seek help and put a stop to it. I wonder if someone could download it and put it up on youtube?

Anonymous said...

Justice4survivors The dossier of depravity

Anonymous said...

Bernado's video youtube

Anonymous said...

Yes, fantastic advert, pleaseeeeeeee can someone make Shentons letter readable, my glasses are not that good, yours desparately oh and a plea to the Lady with the cat, please... don't kill it!!!

Anonymous said...

Computer nerd – please can you help Simon to get a link to this ‘letter’, can’t wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Cover up of the jersey care home child abuse scandal

Anonymous said...

Please hurry up and counter this letter point by point, because I can see how someone unfamiliar with your case could quickly read through it and think it seems reasonable.

I'm keen to hear the truth.

Anonymous said...

Dear Simon

Ben oh Ben oh Ben you have fallen hook line and sinker for the civil service spin you foolish foolish man.

Have you learned NOTHING from Stuart Syvret's experience of consuming the lying fodder from senior civil servants - because I don't for one minute believe YOU wrote this report.

This is so typical of H&SS misinformation, lack of balance and objectivity.

Any States member reading this blog, please keep you mind open about this matter - do not believe what the civil service dish out as truth - they are masters in managing information, manufacturing events and misrepresenting the truth.

Read between the lines of Williamson who stated "One of the most significant conclusions from my series of interviews with members of staff is there is a general feeling of lack of support or awareness of the difficult and complex issues staff face when they work with very vulnerable children and their parents and carers. There was a general reluctance to be identified as expressing these concerns but on a number of occasions members of staff have said they would not expect to be supported in taking difficult decisions and stated 'you are on your own'. Whether this is fact or illusion this issue must be addressed and systems established for staff to be able to voice their concerns without fearing instant rebuttal or challenges of malpractice"

Says it all really and this from a patsy they employed who's terms of reference were so tightly controlled he could hardly breathe.

For goodness sake States members waken up and see what's really going on.

Anonymous said...


Traitor to our children!

Just like his Grandfather.

Read the book by Anthony Faramus ,the book they tried to ban.

Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower said...

More help required -

Assuming that the Attorney General was in charge of the magistrates.

Please can someone tell me who the Attorney Generals in Jersey have been since 1970? Including dates?



Anonymous said...

I have just bought a paperback copy of this awesome book for sadly only 1p. Such are the ironies of modern life.
I have already read it, as it is available in The Jersey Library to lend, I still though wanted to own a copy of his remarkable story.
As a Jersey born person, who's mother was thirteen when the occupation started, I can perhaps visualise that time and yet still get angry at the, then, wanton violation of a man's freedom and his subsequent tragic incarceration.
His story is as much a celebration of his fortitude, under terrible circumstances, as it is an indictment of the Jersey authorities wilful neglect of his human rights and their disgraceful and apparently to this day shameless, appeasement to the then occupying German powers.
Perhaps, one day, they will reflect and do justice to the memory of an ordinary, but greatly human, being caught up in the maelstrom of those dark days.
I am sorry to have come upon his story too late have met the man in person.

Anonymous said...

In 1978 the Attorney General and Reciever General was V.A.Tomas


Anonymous said...

Also in 1978:

The Lieutenant -Governer and Commander-in-Chief of Jersey was His Excellency General Sir Desmond Fitzpatrick, G.C.B., D.S.O., M.B.E., M.C., £20,000 Secretary and A.D.C., Lt. Comdr. O. M. B. de las Casas O.B.E., R.N. (ret.)

Bailiff of Jersey Sir Frank Ereaut

Dean of Jersey Very Rev. T.A.Goss

Solicitor General P. M. Bailhache

States Treasurer J. Clennet

I have got the ones for Guernsey as well, if you want them. I also have the ones for 1966 but I cant do those until next Monday, but I have the figures for all the children in care, the exact figures, not approximations, how many boys, girls ect and what kind of homes they were in. I don't have them for 1977 though.


Anonymous said...

You better get your pen out mate and start writing

You defend yourself as lots of that letter is rubbish

Ask for a page in the rag to tell your story, that is what folk do isn't it?

When your character is is assasinated. That has happened to you

Go on lad, reply to every statement made about you and tell everyone what really happened

A political sham

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

I know you from working at Greenfields.I dont really like responding to these blogs.
But to people who don't know you the ministers letter from Ben Shenton and Jim Perchard makes you look like a thug.Nothing could be futher from the truth.I think most of what you wanted to change at Greenfields has changed.


thejerseyway said...

Not able to read letter but going with peoples comments it needs to be enlarge for us to read.

What I can't work out, May be you can help me on this one. Is Senator Stuart Syvret last year brought up that they were failings in the Child care system Not Murders, but all we hear on the BBC radio, BBC TV,Channel T.V & last But no means lest our One & only paper The J.E.P. Is that SSS is wrong about this, wrong about that.

We Get Senator Ben Shenton, Senator Jim Perchard & Senator Walker, all saying that SSS is MAD.

Why is it that not one of the States Member's come out & back SSS up. I can't believe that they think that 100+ people are telling lies.

Why would every politician in our States want to cover up such a horrible Thing as Mass Child Abuse.

I really can't get my head around that. I'm sure that must be the general thinking on this Island.

Our Politician's don't Lie, So it must be Senator Stuart Syvret, Simon Bellwood & all Those Horrible People Telling Lie's.

So please help me, even the Catholic Church Have problems, but at lest they owned up to the abuse.

I'm new to Blogging so I would love it if you could give me some feed back on my questions, if you have time that is, I would be most Grateful. I've put you on My Blog List hope you don't mind.

Thanks, Read you again.

Anonymous said...

"Not able to read letter but going with peoples comments it needs to be enlarge for us to read."

The Letter to All state members

Anonymous said...

Regarding the contents of the letter:

I have to comment on the Jersey Evening Post's coverage of the "Boys' Orgy Of Destruction". If you fnd something like that headlining a newspaper, I think it's fair to say that you would expect a pretty juicy story to accompany it of raping, pillage, destruction, that kind of thing.

So what actually happened on 4th August 2003 at Les Chenes? Two boys, aged 12 and 14 escaped from Les Chenes (I don't blame them, if it was anything like the Wissage!), climbed on the roof of a St Hellier building and stayed there for 6 hours. The Riot Police were called, the "stand off" lasted 6 hours.

Orgy of Destruction? What did they destroy then? One of the roof tiles as thew were scrambling onto the rooftop, no doubt terrified out of their wits - as any child would be to find himself surrounded a gang of big burly grown men bearing shields and with their faces covered? They must have been frightened out of their wits - no wonder they stayed on the roof for six hours! What an appalling way to treat children!

I could have got those boys off that roof, without the help of any policemen or weapon or shield or anything. Didn't anyone think of just talking to the boys and finding out why they had got up on the roof in the first place? Didn't anyone think of just reasoning with the boys? If the boys were that wicked, what had they done, apart from running away and climbing on the roof? I'm surprised the JEP didn't report on the crimes which put the boys in Les Chenes in the first place!

With such a sensational headline, you'd expect a sensational story, I should think the JEP might want to sack the reporter who covered this story as it is poor journalism!


Anonymous said...

If the letter was written in the public interest why was it strictly Private and Confidential? (Paragraph 2)

Greenfields Time for The Truth
Paragraph 1
In paragraph 1 we are promised ‘the truth in ‘frank and candid’ terms in the writer’s opinion the bland neutral and considered language of States Officials has not delivered ‘the truth’ in ‘frank and candid’ terms.

What is Greenfields
1977 Les Chenes Farmhouse
Purpose: To provide residential education to young offenders
1981 the facility received positive praise from the Southern Region Social Work Service, hardly relevant as that was 27 years ago and it was an educational facility!
2003 Les Chenes becomes Greenfields 2003 and is designated a remand centre, following the ‘Kathie Bull’ report (2001).
2006/August Simon Bellwood recruited as Manager Greenfields Secure Unit.
2006/ October Greenfields Secure Unit is opened, Grand Prix System never practiced at GSU (page 2, first paragraph)

Greenfields Campus consists of all buildings, farmhouse, GSU, etc; the letter categorically states that the GPS was never practiced in the new unit.

2003 August I find it absolutely incredible that Ben Shenton has quoted from a newspaper article, I assume he finds the language of the media suitably ‘frank and candid’. My immediate thought when reading this was what on earth were the staff up to considering the number of escapes and what type of regime were they running. I would find it very interesting to read an account by an inmate of treatment received at the hands of the staff in control at that time.

Clearly the system was failing the young people, I wonder if Messrs Shenton and Perchard have considered this?
What was the ratio of staff to child?
What was the rate of staff turnover?

Instruction to Les Chenes from The Magistrates Court Greffe (Page 3)
2003 Feb
The letter here is not totally clear are we talking about Les Chenes or Greenfields, Senator Shentor tells the reader it is important to note the different entities comprising of Greenfields Campus, however he reverts back to Les Chenes, but in 2003 it became Greenfields? I would have thought that as a matter of course adequate procedures should have been in place to deal with children remanded to the institution.
Joe Kennedy is seconded from his position as Senior Unit Manager, Young Offenders Institution HMP La Moye to Residential/Secure Manager – Children’s Executive. The Grand Prix System is introduced. It is derisible that Senator Shenton plagiarises the HLPF report on gender bias with regards the GPS! One must question if brute force was a component in making the objectives of the system so successfully realized resulting in it becoming obsolete in the period 2005/06. One must question the exact period was it, for instance Dec 2005/ Jan 2006 or Jan 2005/Dec 2006?

August 2006
The GPS system was formally in place when in August 2006, the new manager of GSU was appointed, SB was to ‘commission’ the new unit, purchase equipment, orientate staff, write policies, introduce ‘best policy’ initiatives, oh and specifically introduce a behaviour management model, not a lot then!

Senator Shentons explanation of how SB dealt with children by way of positive and negative consequences is very one sided. I would imagine that most children are dealt with individually, and how SB decided to deal with any child may well be over a prolonged period of time and on an individual basis, SB may well have being trying to bond with the troubled child referred to in the letter, who knows?

December 2006
Joe Kennedy met with the head teacher at Greenfields (now is that the secure unit?), issues were raised, SB was on annual leave, the new regime that he was ‘specifically’ tasked to implement (according to Senator Shenton) was dropped and ‘normality was re-established with almost immediate effect’. I would suggest that any competent manager would have waited until SB returned from holiday and arranged a meeting to discuss the problems arising with both members of staff. It is never easy to enter into anew position in a position of authority and implement change; one would expect given his brief that SB would have been given support and guidance.

Simon Bellwood V States of Jersey
SB was employed in August 2006 and by March 2008 he was in front of an employment tribunal, clearly something went drastically wrong in those brief six months, and possibly faults on both sides.

The Children ad solitary confinement.

These particular paragraphs really only serve to illustrate that Senator Shenton does not comprehend what life is like for these young children, I get the impression, reading between the lines, that he would advocate the return of the short sharp shock treatment! I do not think Senator Shenton is very well read! Simon I would not stoop to his level if I was you, if there is a case to be answered, hold your fire and await the outcome of the police investigation. This letter does Senator Shenton no good at all, this letter is his truth and I think he may one day regret writing it.

Anonymous said...

Did they reallly expect you to change the wrld in six months, with all staff on board and to readily accept change - a few management courses would't amiss!