Sunday, 30 November 2008

My Response - Part 3

Part 1 - This covered the Letter from Senator Shenton

Part 2 - This covered the section 'What is Greenfields'.

Part 3 - This will cover 'Les Chene Boys Orgy of Destruction', and more importantly, 'Instructions to Les Chene from The Magistrates Court Greffe'.

Senator Shenton, through his own admission has chosen to cite paragraphs from the JEP instead of citing 'considered and worthy departmental reports...'.


Why would he use the JEP paragraphs instead. Maybe because their headlines have a greater impact than the wording of a departmental report? A report which talks about young children, a 12 year and a 14 year old!

'Les Chene Boys Orgy of Dustruction',

This does have a much greater affect a report called,

"Incident at Les Chene involving two young boys aged 12 and 14".

Sorry Senator Shenton but this section of your report is complete garbage.

If there are any States Members who cannot see through your spin and diversionary tactics then God help us all.

I am really pleased that you have decided not to go for Chief Minister post.

If this report were to be used as an example you would have the transparency of a house brick.

You would be better off reading story time at the local library; when it is closed!

Moving on, the next section says;

"18 escapes in a five month period".

Did it not occur to anyone that if they keep escaping then the building should be improved. If your rabbit escapes from your garden you fix the fence. Yes?

We have heard time and time again that the Les Chene building was not fit for purpose; It was simply a farmhouse.

It was in use for more than 25 years, why did it not occur to anyone to made some changes? The secure children's home I managed in Essex, UK for two and a half years had no bars on the windows. It has no cell doors. It has no Pits area.

Since it opened in 1994 not one child escaped, not one.

Also, since it opened in 1994 not one child was held in solitary confinement as a punishment.

I have watched a 14 stone young man run at one of these windows that was about 8ft high and 4 ft wide and he bounced off, repeatedly.

All that was needed at Les Chene was proper doors and locks and reinforced double glazed windows.

This, along with better investment in staff.

The very people who the unit is most dependent upon.

The very people who have suffered the most in the past two years.

The very people who are the least to blame for all of this.

It is not rocket science.

So it was just a farmhouse, well you know what, this might work for some readers but in my book this is just a lame excuse. An excuse to justify locking up Jersey's most vulnerable children.

But hey, why spend money on these children when you can just lock them up instead.

To me, this sounds a little like the recent refusal on the part of Senator Shenton, to send three siblings to the UK as it was too expensive. There is no service is Jersey than can provide these three with the specialist treatment that they so desperately need.

We could put the £600,000 per year needed in the rainy day fund instead!

Or, maybe we can invite a few more 11K's to Jersey and charge them virtually zero tax because that would be better for the island wouldn't it?

So, we have seen that its a lack of investment that forced young people to be held in solitary confinement for long periods.

Senator Shenton, when these siblings become so out of control due to the States neglecting their needs will you see that they are locked up in solitary confinement too?

Senator Shenton, when you were a foster carer and they were naughty did you send them to their room? Probably.

What is wrong with this you may say.

Nothing. No until you send them to their room,

lock the door,

remove their personal belongings,

strip them to their boxer shorts,

remove all items from the room apart from a crash mat and a bottle of water,

leave them there for 28 days other than when they want to use the toilet and have some exercise.

Then is it okay?

This brings us to the next section called, 'Instructions to Les Chene from The Magistrates Court Greffe'

The solitary confinement at Les Chene was so effective that the magistrates decided why stop it.

What did they do?

Did they help develop better alternatives to custody?

Did they provide more wide ranging community sentence options?

Did they look at preventative interventions such as working with the family?


They formally ordered that vulnerable children should be locked into solitary confinement as they saw fit.

That's right, the Magistrates, only five years ago, ordered children into solitary confinement.

That meant the next "12 and 14 year old [who] went on the rampage" would now be ordered into solitary confinement until the magistrates decided otherwise.

Cast your mind back to a few weeks ago, who topped the polls?

Ian Le Marquand.

Yep, one of the magistrates who masterminded the whole thing.

What does that tell us?

Not only was this guy allowed to do this but the people of Jersey liked him so much that he topped the polls!

Now he wants to run the Home Affairs department!

This is all mad. Seemingly, the majority of Jersey people support this approach.

I don't actually consider myself to be liberal but when you consider this, it could be argued that Hitler was liberal!

In this section of the report Senator Shenton does not use the words 'solitary confinement' or 'single separation', but do not be fooled.

The statement refers to 'secure unit', 'secure room' and 'locked part of the school'.

This area later became known as the Pits.

This was solitary confinement.

Let me remind you of the interview I did with a young man a couple of weeks ago at the JEP office.

He was given a 'secure remand' as it was know then. This is exactly what Senator Shenton refers to above.

In the case of this young man, solitary confinement for 28 days.

Yet despite this information, many people in Jersey still consider this practice to be okay?

Who was the AG at this time. Who was it before 2000?

I know it was William Balliache from 2000, he was in charge at the time when the Magistartes order them into solitary confinement.

As the AG he must have endorsed the order.

Getting back to resources and money.

Senator Shenton concludes this section by pointing out once again that the building, staffing, training and behaviour management were lacking.

So much so that children were locked up in solitary confinement.

I am sorry that I have used the word solitary confinement so many times but it is needed. We need people to really understand what this was like. Young children locked in a room on their own for weeks, with limited staff/child interaction and virtually no stimulation whatsoever.

Whether they were horrible little brats or not is irrelevant.

I would not subject my dog to such treatment.

Would you?

Joe Kenendy has not been mentioned yet, and lets face it, it is no secret that he is not very high up on my Christmas list.

It has to be said, there are few people in this world that I dislike. In fact, I could count them on one hand.

I have said publicly before, he bullied me, this man literally reduced me to tears.

He really is a bully and a control freak through and through.

He is also ill equipped to be doing the job he is doing.

Since his return from suspension he has not been seen by staff from one month to the next.

Some staff have not seen him since his return four months ago.

However, I do have one good thing to say about him.

He put an end to the Magistrates locking the children up.

Yes, he stopped them doing it. Well done Joe Kennedy.

But before you get too excited, I wrote earlier that he is a bully and a control freak.

Yes he is.

Although he stopped the Magistrates locking them up, he did it himself instead.

He brought along the Grand Prix system which meant that young people were locked in solitary through this system instead of the Magistrates doing it. More of that in Part 4.

Enough of my rant this evening.

If you (States Members included) cannot see that this whole thing is a cover up then there is something wrong.

I have a question to end on.

When the Howard League for Penal Reform first visited Jersey in May of this year they came arrived on a Sunday evening.

Who invited himself to see them 9am on Monday morning?

The Bailiff, Sir Phillip Ballaiche.




Anonymous said...

Adrian said...

The 2 Attorney Generals before William Bailache it was Michael Birt '95 - 2000 and before him it was Philip Bailache '86 - '94

I'm still looking for the previous ones.

voiceforchildren said...


Keep it up mate, I KNOW how our States of Jersey and Civil Servants operate. Keep exposing them, the truth will out.

Anonymous said...

Taken from Whitakers Almanack Hundredth Edition 1966

Dean of Jersey

Very Rev. Alan Stanley Giles, C.B., C.B.E., M.A.

Attorney General and Receiver General

H. F.C. Ereaut

Solicitor General

P. L. Crill

States Treasurer

F. N. Padgenam

Chief Aliens Officer

A. J. LeBrun

Head Postmaster

L. E. Cockbill

Lieutenant Governer and Commander in Chief of Jersey

His Excellency Vice-AOM Sir John Michael Villiers K.C.B., O.B.E. (1963) £4,250 Secretary and A.D.C., Lt. Comdr. O/M.B. de Las Casa O.B.E., R.N. (ret)

Bailiff of Jersey

Sir Robert Le Masurier D.S.C.

Local education authorities


Pier Road, St. Helier – Director, H.C.A. Wimberley


La Couperderie, St. Peter Port – Education Officer, L. K. Redford

Dean of Guernsey

Very Rev. Frederick Walter Cogman A.E.C., B.D.


Anonymous said...

Taken from Whitaker Almanack Hundredth Edition 1968 p610

Children in the care of local authorities 1966

On March 31st 1966 there were 69,157 children in the care of local authorities in England and Wales. During the year ended March 31st 1966, 54,471 were received into care. Of the total received during the year, 17,313 children were taken into care through short term illness of the parent or guardian, 9,811 because of the confinement of the mother and 5,622 children deserted by the mother, the father being unable to care for them. 2,933 of the children were illegitimate, the mother being unable to provide a home. 2,824 children were in care because the family was homeless (through eviction, 1,543) and in 2,283 cases home conditions were unsatisfactory. 4,548 children were in care under fit persons orders (1,395 offenders)

Manner of accommodation of children in care

On March 31st 1965

Boarded out:

Boys 16,044 Girls 15,760 Total 31,804

In lodgings:

Boys 692 Girls 473 Total 1,165

In residential employment:

Boys 215 Girls 362 Total 577

Local authority children’s homes:

Reception homes with special facilities

Boys 839 Girls 577 Total 1,416

Other reception homes

Boys 200 Girls 169 Total 369

Residential nurseries

Boys 1,848 Girls 1,265 Total 3,113

Homes for not more than 12 children

Boys 3,703 Girls 2,888 Total 6,591

Other children’s homes

Boys 5,157 Girls 3,066 Total 8,223


Boys 11,647 Girls 7,965 Total 19,712

Voluntary homes

Boys 2,153 Girls 2,125 Total 4,278

Boarding homes/special schools for handicapped children

Boys 1,325 Girls 470 Total 1,822


Boys 623 Girls 387 Total 1,010

Subject of fit person order, but placed under charge and control of parent, etc

Boys 2,207 Girls 1,540 Total 3,747

Other accommodation

Boys 1,818 Girls 1,166 Total 2,984

Total number of children in care:

Boys 36,851 Girls 30,248 Total 67,099

Percentage boarded out

Boys 48 Girls 57 Total 52

On March 31st 1966

Boarded out:

Boys 15,995 Girls 15,821 Total 31,816

In lodgings:

Boys 725 Girls 478 Total 1,203

In residential employment:

Boys 204 Girls 356 Total 560

Local authority children’s homes:

Reception homes with special facilities

Boys 872 Girls 635 Total 1,507

Other reception homes

Boys 242 Girls 200 Total 442

Residential nurseries

Boys 1,798 Girls 1,234 Total 3,032

Homes for not more than 12 children

Boys 4,053 Girls 3,073 Total 7,126

Other children’s homes

Boys 4,911 Girls 2,971 Total 7,882


Boys 11,876 Girls 8,113 Total 19,989

Voluntary homes

Boys 2,558 Girls 2,337 Total 4,895

Boarding homes/special schools for handicapped children

Boys 1,578 Girls 549 Total 2,127


Boys 601 Girls 432 Total 1,033

Subject of fit person order, but placed under charge and control of parent, etc

Boys 2,560 Girls 1,827 Total 4,387

Other accommodation

Boys 1,871 Girls 1,276 Total 3,147

Total number of children in care:

Boys 37,968 Girls 31,189 Total 69,157

Percentage boarded out

Boys 46.4 Girls 55.5 Total 50.5


Anonymous said...

I echo what vfc says

I wasn't going to comment, but the word verification is BLESS - which is a good sign :)

Anonymous said...


As an outsider looking in, after reading through their 'private and confidential' report to States members, with all of its unsubstantiated comments and half truths, all I can say is that if this was in the USA, Messrs Shenton and Perchard would now be staring down the barrel of an enormous libel lawsuit.

Can you take further action against them in Jersey, or are these men protected by their positions of 'authority'?

Debbie said...

My comment on This is Jersey - "Minister reveals reasons for Greenfields dismissal" which I doubt will be published:

Why should we believe what Senator Shenton has to say over Mr Bellwood?

Perhaps the JEP should be talking to those who claim to have been subjected to the abusive Grand Prix system or solitary confinement for long periods of time whilst in remand at Greenfields, then we'll know the truth of the matter.

Anonymous said...


To put it simply ‘you were set up’!

Keep going and hopefully the police can do their job effetely. What a load of lies – yes I’m talking about the JEP – 1st Dec. Can these politicians be jailed for this?

Anonymous said...


One of the comments from ‘have your say’ from the JEP

Posted December 1, 2008 at 7:21 pm
Far be it from Mr Shenton to come out with half-baked rubbish that we are expected to swallow with no qualms or queries.
But it does beg the question, if this was the case, why was Mr Bellwood’s inquest into his sacking cut short … in private … with a cash payout made to Mr Bellwood?
Perhaps Mr Shenton was worried that if the inquest continued it may have resulted in further ‘chaos’ from Mr Bellwood, and heaven forbid - foul language

Anonymous said...

for Greenfields dismissal

Anonymous said...

keep telling the story, the island needs to hear the truth. You and stuart lost your jobs for challenging the corruption in H&SS.

Anonymous said...

Simon keep going.
You are doing a great job. I have grown up with most of these morons you have to deal with. I just hope that their grand children don’t end up in a secure unit with someone like Mario Lundy ore Joe Kennedy in charge
I really don’t know how they can sleep at night.
The people of Jersey are 100% behind you!

Anonymous said...

posted on the rag
brian costa
Posted December 1, 2008 at 10:01 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Shenton is nothing more than a bully.
brian costa
Posted December 1, 2008 at 10:12 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Still picking and choosing what you want the public to see!!! I see well the letter Perchard wrote is a joke and we in the uk all know it.

You cant keep this quiet forever. Franks freinds
brian costa
Posted December 1, 2008 at 10:17 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

how quick you are at your spin and misdirection however if all the blogs get the same treatment and get banned I will opn one in america and anywhere else I can to show the world that Jersey is full of pado’s and perves.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

After reading their confidential letterI to States Members I no longer have any confidence in Senator Shenton's and Senator Perchard's judgement.
On the managerial level I do not believe that their department is fit for purpose.
There is not enough transparency or external scrutiny. There are too many self-vindicating internal reports ... otherwise known as spin.
Senators Shenton and Perchard have failed to get to grips with the failings of management.

Anonymous said...

Frank Walker: Ups and downs of a life at the top

Anonymous said...

brian costa would you mind not tarnishing all of jersey with that reputation.

Anonymous said...

the people of Jersey should be standing up against the establishment if you dont then its not a surprise that Brian says what he does.

Get off your arses and do something instead of bleating like a fool.

Then you may proove Brian wrong...

Anonymous said...

The tar is spead on all of Jerseys people bacause all of jerseys people are involved. if not show that your not.

You talk the talk can you Walk the Walk???

if so prove it!!!

Anonymous said...

Brian is not from jersey and this is how the people from Jersey are thought of by the rest of the world especially the uk.

If it anit so then it must show...

Brian Costa said...

I think some of the readers have given you my answer or very close to what I would say...

Anonymous said...

oh really, talk the talk or walk the walk. So exactly what is it we are meant to do clever clogs. If it was up to me i would do what many other countries do and revolt and throw them out by force. However, it is never going to happen because too many people wont get involved even if they want to because of fear of repurcussions, or simple not wanting to rock the satus quo.

These people who may or may not be trying to cover up the issues are too powerful if it failed. Anyone then involved in trying to oust them will find that they have no future in the place they were born in.

I do believe that parliament in the uk brought about laws regarding groups of people gathering to protest so tell me what is it exactly that you would do? Dont tell me lobbying your local politician will help, please!

It would also be interesting to know where you are living and whether or not any other people in that area are criminals because if so, based upon your wise words you must be the same!

Brian Costa said...

"too many people wont get involved?"

Well if the working class in the uk had said what are we would still be servants to the rich!! oops we still are.

My grandad was amost those who marcched to London from Jarrow and he said for those who are defeated by those with power and for those who have no power to do anyhting about a situation, You must unite with all others who feel the same. and in those days of old you could be shot if you went against the norms today you may just get a short prispn sentence, it dependes on how much you want thing to change does it not. it dependes how far you are willing to go!!!

Some people are quite prepared to die for waht they believe and allthough I dont advocate deing for what you shopuld have as a birth right I do say stand up and be counted all the victims and survivors all those politicians and pressure groups and I think you may find the b*stards at the top would find it very difficult to jail you all...

Mass action on the streets with the media in attendance...

Anonymous said...

No Im not a criminal and deplore your sudgestion that I am for wanting the same thing as the poor victims in this matter I am a survivor of institutional sexual abuse at the hands of the british state while in their care system if you must know

Anonymous said...


When you mention the people of Jersey voting en masse for Ian Le Marquand it really annoys me, please never loose sight of teh FACT that only 40% ( and I am being generous with that figure ) of those with a vot eactually cast it.

The democracy of this island is just about hanging in there!

Voter apathy is not a concept particular to Jersey, it is indeed widespread, however there is little excuse for it here in Jersey.

If we can beleive the election promises of our soon to be politicians electoral reform should be on teh way, and with that hopefully a more engaged electorate!

Ian Le marquand has no doubt seen some rather unsavoury individuals during his term as magistrate and clearly these individuals have informed his opinion of the merits of youth detention.

You come to the problem from another perspective and possibly understand more of what gets the individuary to behave unlawfully in the first place and how that individual can be turned around.

What a shame you cant both work together and appreciate that going forwards there must be a way to help these children.

Senator Shenton should be absolutel ASHAMED of that letter, it is unprofessional and actually exposes him as clueless!

Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower said...


"When you mention the people of Jersey voting en masse for Ian Le Marquand it really annoys me".

My apologies, this should have been clearer.

What I meant was, 'the majority of the Jersey voters' and not 'the majority of the Jersey people' as I stated.


Anonymous said...

Just as i deplore the suggestion that everyone in jesey is a criminal.

I have every sympathy for the people who have been through abuse. My point was dont tarnish us all with the same brush.

Anonymous said...

I do apologise for saying all the people of jersey whenwhat was meant was all those people of jersey who were/ are involved with the cover up of seriouse child abuse. Walker and his bunch over over fed over baring and over there!!!

Anonymous said...

Accepted thank you and in return sorry for the tone of my first message.