Wednesday, 19 November 2008

News Flash - Emergency Meeting called by Chief Minister

The Chief Minister has called an emergency meeting of the States of Jersey 'leadership'. The meeting is taking place today at the Pomme d'Or Hotel at 10.30am.

Is it time for change...? I'm ever optimistic, but is it too much to hope that the truth might be addressed at last?


Anonymous said...

nah... leapords don't change their's damage limitation.

voiceforchildren said...


"The truth might be addressed at last"?.......Yeah right!!

Our esteemed leaders and, ever so friendly, media have come out with an all out assault. They have showed their hand, they are not going to back down. This inevitably will be their downfall however.

Anonymous said...

Why The Pomme D'Or - are our States Buidings not grand enough - or does one of Franks pals own The Pomme D'Or..............or perhaps they may come on to the balcony and surrender a la 1945!