Monday, 17 November 2008

Radio Jersey 7am on Tuesday 18th November

I will be interviewed by Roger Bara tomorrow (Tuesday) on the 7am breakfast show, please join me!

Is anyone reading this know anything about marketing? If so, how do I get the blog exposed further?

Maybe someone can write one of those emails we all haite which asks everyone to send it to at least 10 of their friends!



Anonymous said...

Facebook, myspace and bebo.. you can create a facebook page - its very easy!

Anonymous said...

Try what Obama did. Just create a Facebook page and allow others to join "Supporters of Simon Bellwood!" It is free. I posted a lot more about the youth campaign for Obama, on Stuart's blog, so it may be up shortly.

Anonymous said...

After being both shocked and confused by conflicting news reports I recently read both your (and Senator Syvret’s) blog. What clarity!

But why are we the Jersey public kept in the dark and treated with such disrespect? THEY really do believe they will get away with it, as they think the public of Jersey are so gullible to believe any version of events they feed us at any given time.

We all have to spread the word and do what we can to try and at least open peoples eyes to the truth, otherwise nothing will change!

I also relate to what you have gone through (and I am sure there are many others out there)personally as I am also an employee of the States of Jersey and I too have been on the receiving end of oppressive management and the powers that be refusing to do anything about it even when it is staring them in the face.

We need more people like you who have the courage to stand up to them! Well done and keep going!

Regarding ideas for further exposure, I for one have texted friends (and asked them to text others)to check out your and Senator Syvrets's blog.

JT alias Jersey Truth

Anonymous said...

I cant seem to find the interview on the bbc radio jersey website?

Anonymous said...

heard the radio Jersey interview this morning I thought it was very good and you gave an excellent account of the situation.
Roger Bara to be fair did ask some
good questions, I believe Frank Walker is going to respond tomorrow morning, that should be interesting !

Anonymous said...


I managed a wry smile when Roger explained the following
Joe Kennedy couldn't respond and passed the buck to Phil Dennet who referred to Mike Pollard.
Mike Pollard the Chief Officer to whom you complained about the seclusion practises - not able to comment.
Now we have Frank responding - Frank why do you allow Mike Pollard to be let off the hook time and time again?

Do you owe the hospital a favour or two?

Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower said...

Jersey Radio - Breakfast Show

It would appear from Chris Stone (who covered for Roger Bara on today's phone in) that Roger was busy interviewing for tomorrow's breakfast show.

What a shame Frank Walker did not have the courage to do it live. I offered BBC jersey to come on the radio live with anyone. I suggested Joe Kennedy, Phil Dennett, Jimmy Perchard, and even Frank Walker.

What do I have to lose? Maybe I will forget what the truth is and get caught out!

Would be interesting to know if they asked these people if they would be interviewed with me of if they preferred us all to be interviewed separately?

Maybe someone can call the phone in tomorrow to ask Roger this question, or perhaps Roger can reply on this blog.

I actually quite enjoyed the show. Would happily do it again if they want me to.

Also, dare I say. Local media, including Radio Jersey have so far been quite balanced in the questioning.


Anonymous said...

Can be found on

Jersey Today, forward about an hour to get to Simon Bellwood interview - worth a listen for sure.

Anonymous said...

Compelling listening. Keep going Simon - there is so much corruption in Jersey - you could easily have walked away and passed on the poisoned chalice to another qualified and registered professional - and who knows if they would have had the guts to stand up for what they know is right. You are to be commended for standing up and believing in what is good, right and proper. You are a star. And can I just say - I knew this before I heard the interview but listening to it made me want to express my opinion... well done you.