Sunday, 16 November 2008

Senator Perchard - Exposed

Those of you who have been following the local TV and radio since the Howard League published their report on Friday will have quickly learnt badly how Senator Perchard has managed the press interviews.

You think he would have learnt after watching his boss Senator Walker last February.

Although very worrying that a man like this has political responsibility for Jersey most vulnerable children is was also quite amusing, especially the one when he looked like he was going to be physically sick!

This interview was with Adam Fowler of Channel TV on Friday.

You can view it interview here, it is well worth the watch;

Now, if there are any computer buffs out that that know how to download all of these interviews then please can you help out and put them on You Tube. We can then post links to this blog for all to see.

Take a look at his face when Adam Fowler stings him the quote from the HL report.

Surely no politician can pull a stunt like that and survive.

If I was a States member I would be lodging a vote of no confidence immediately.

I am however going to write to Senator Frank Walker and Senator Perchard asking for his resignation forthwith.

Thank you for the links where civil servants have stated that the Grand Prix system did not happen and was not abusive.

We could do with some more so that I can submit a portfolio of evidence to Senator Walker, the NSPCC and the General Social Care Council (GSCC) which will prove that there has been a cover up in Jersey.

Admittedly, there may be some who genuinely believed that the Grand Prix system did not happen or was not abusive in which case it would be unfair to accuse them of partaking in a cover up.

This ignorance however does not excuse them or provide them with immunity from the fallout.

It simply proves that whilst not corrupt, they are simply incompetent, and should resign or be suspended (as a neutral act of course) pending investigation.

I will post a further blog later tonight.

Please drop me some comments as we need to step this up a gear if we are to seek any form of justice. Please remember what we achieve now will help the vulnerable children of tomorrow.



voiceforchildren said...


I watched that CTV on Friday it was a peach!! I will be doing all that I can to expose our goverment and it's child"care" failures.

Anything I can do to help don't hesitate to ask.

Anonymous said...

There is a very interesting piece in The Mail on Sunday re the whistleblower that was sacked in Heringay, what happened to that poor woman makes your case look tame - you both lost your jobs but 'Baby P' lost his life.

When will the bureaucrats pay more than lip service to whistleblowers - and when will whistleblowers stop being persecuted?

How long is a piece of string - I hope that you and Stuart Syvret will carry on your campaign, you have not had the support that you should have had from the 'ordinary people ' of this island.

I do not consider it melodramatic to suggest that through your endevours the children of this island are a little safer today than they were a year ago but until the people of this island wake up to what is happening re the crimilisation of children you and Stuart must continue with your struggle...............

Anonymous said...

BBC1 the politics show today
jim perchard said that female teenagers were not kept in the female adult wing of la moye and that the howard league had got it wrong.
is this true?

Anonymous said...


I saw the infamous Mr Perchard on TV earlier today – what a bumbling fool he looked! Not only did he sound incompetent but he also lied about the young females at La Moye!

Anyway, where is Shenton through all of this? He seems to be keeping his distance. Me thinks that poor Perchard is been set up for a big fall!!!!

Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower said...

Senator Perchard - Further Exsposed

Someone has posted a comment suggesting that Senator Perchard lied on the Politics Show today?

Watch it here,

Yes he did lie.

The interview, when talking about custody for young people in La Moye, went like this,

Martin Oates: Isn't one obvious option to provide a separate facility ofr custody of minors?

Senator Perchard: Of Course. Well, we do that now. That's exactly what we have. We have a young offenders wing for 16 and 17 year olds.

Martin Oates; Not for women though; who are in the adult wing.

Senator Perchard; No, that's not true, no.

This is a lie. The only place, by law, in Jersey that a sentenced young female can be held is in La Moye, in the adult wing for women.

The was one case, which I have previosuly posted a blog about which talks about a young female who was held illegally in Greenfields in 2006, her liberty taken away with a community despite being subject to a community based sentence.

I have tried to look for my previous blog to provide a link, if anyone can find the link please post it for other's to read.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean the bit when he went from smugly laughing straight to an "oh sh**!" moment seconds later?
It was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Mass resignation required.

But what would they do in the interim? who would replace them?

Ministers and senior civil servants who do not tell the truth. Disgusting.

Knowone can operate with dishonest senior management can they?

If the useless goverment had any sense they would tell the island they were tricked and get rid.

What idiots they have all made on the TV and with the media, they do not have a single clue what they are saying.

Would you and Stuart consider a new job?

I believe you both deserve an OBE, for what you have done to help the islands children and adults.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

they always put the girls in with the women at La Moye, I have a photo of a YO in the woman's dorm from a few years back