Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Senator Stuart Syvret...My Views

Yesterday I began to talk about my views of Senator Stuart Syvret.

When Stuart received my letter appealing against the outcome of my Serious Concerns complaint (See blog yesterday for a full copy of complaint), he responded as you would expect from a Politician.

With integrity, respect and an open mind.

Unbeknown to me at the time Stuart then made some of his own enquiries and was met with resistance, resistance from his own chief officer Mike Pollard. See the letter above for the original email which Stuart sent to Mike Pollard.

Mike Pollard's response to this email is in my next posting called 'Senator Stuart Syvret...My views 2' as this blog will not allow me to put multiple pages in one go.

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TonyB said...

I look forward to the Mike Pollard reply with interest; so far there have been only selected and undoubtably partial reporting by the States in the Syvret dismissal proposition. Stuart's somewhat hasty and exasperated emails are given, but no one gives the other side of the correspondence.