Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Senator Stuart Syvret - My Views 3

I have attached Stuart's response to MIke Pollard.
When you read it you will see that despite Mike Pollard's attempts to convince Stuart that all was rosey in the garden and that they (the senior civil servants) had sorted it all out, Stuart felt that he needed to make sure, for himself, whether it actually was all fine.
When Stuart began investigating further he realised that the way the my complaint had been dealt with was nothing but a complete and utter shambles.
If it was not for Stuart then this would have been covered up and brushed under the carpet the way many other complaints havee been dealt with.
So, whatever you think of Stuart, here is the evidence that he was, and still is, prepared to go out on a limb and do what is right for the people of Jersey. My question is this, how many other politicians or senior civil servants would do this? I am sure there are a few but I am also sure there are maney that would prefer to protect their own jobs and pensions before they did what was morally and ethically the right thing to do.
When it comes to voting, I want to vote for someone with a passion for people's rights, a person who will stand up for me when I am being kicked, someone who will help change the culture of oppession and concealment that too many senior figures in Jersey are seemingly hell bent on doing without consideration for the personal cost to others.
Stuart, you get my vote.


Anonymous said...

regarding Pollard's email. I think the term is 'mirroring'.

'This man is the kind of chancer I have great experience of - of being dangerously incompetent and using procedures to deflect and obfuscate. This man has put the welfare of children at risk'.

Remind me, who are we talking about? All the evidence to date, suggests that the passage above taken, from the email, is a perfect profile of the sender.

Anonymous said...


Fascinating rebutal of the oft claimed "failure" of Stuart to protect children during his term of responsibility.

This is the clearest writen evidence I have yet seen of the impossible situation you and Stuart found yourselves in as he tried to honestly represent the best interests of the Jersey public against a cabal of those who oppose all true representation of interests not in line with their own.

What fools the elite have been to leave such a clear paper trail of their own dishonesty regarding you and Stuart.

It will also be interesting to see how today's news plays out of the large financial "drain" the Harper investigation is causing. The JEP is almost suggesting the public could suffer greater current risks from paedophiles from lack of police resources all due to the expense of investigating Haut de la Garenne.

Oh, but will we ever know what they really invested in the cover-up of crimes against harmed children?
We do know we will continue to hear Stuart blamed in letters to the JEP for tarnishing the tourist image of Jersey.

As far as outsiders are concerned, they will only look suspiciously on the lack of justice and transparency because the ruling cabal has already presented compelling evidence of being that of a banana republic, logo and all.


Anonymous said...


This is incredible, Mike Pollard is in charge of the Health Service.

Can we send him to Zimbabwe on a long secondment. I'm sure Robert M will delighted to learn new tricks of oppression from an unpleasant individual.

Congratulations Mr Ogley your staff demonstrate new standards of behaviour every year that you move nearer to getting your housing qualifications at the Jersey tax payers expense

TonyB said...

Would be interesting to see the reports by Dennett and Madeleine Davis sometime.

Anonymous said...

I trust you will have recieved full disclosure of Mr Pollard's investigation. I hope you will be providing that information on this blog. It will help establish whether Mr Pollard was justified in calling you a chancer and stating the need for your dismissal.

Otherwise Mr Pollard could be accused of bias, self serving. His conclusions would be without foundation and based on self opinion.

Sadly your experience does not change anything for children in care in the island.
I haven't yet seen ony indication that action has been taken to address the obvious culture that has been allowed to flourish at Greenfields.
There is too much emphasis on being seen to do the right thing and not enough action to ensure we know what is the correct action and that we duly do it.

Anonymous said...


You seem to be in possession of documentary evidence to support your position.

From what you say on the first page of your blog, there is more to come. I certainly hope that that this is so. It is time to demonstrate the appalling misuse of power that people in positions of authority, responsibility and trust exert on those who want to raise concerns and improve things. The perpetrators are those that both you and Stuart have already identified, Pollard, Baudains, and others, however there are more. The whole of the H&SSD senior management team are complicit in cover up and self protection.

You are not the first to be subjected to this, and I applaud your moral integrity and strength to stand up and put this into the public domain.

So many times I have thought "if only people knew" now perhaps they will.

Anonymous said...

the last commenter (if there is such a word)is absolutely right and correct.)

We know that the system is corrpupt but what we do not have is a way of changing it and making a difference for children faced with the same problems in the future.

We need to move on from here, we know thee senior civil servants are corrupt but what can we do. Do we just sit back and comment on it or can we do anything. There will be no 'messiah' who will come along and change things - it is up to us!

Can we ask for an independent review of why Stuart was forced from office, I think we now have enough evidence to say that was wrong.

Can we get enough support to force this.

Anonymous said...

If you want people to keep visiting and be interested in your blog - you have to keep it live, interesting and invest the time.

There is no connection with the people currently. You have obviously had technical faults in the past but you need to explain this and keep people with you.

If you do not do this, your blog will not grow - if it does not grow - why do it.

\i do not want this to happen - we need to rid our society of the individuals only driven by our economics and put in place people who are concerned with our values and societal principles. If not, as a society we are doomed.