Friday, 25 April 2008

Greenfields Staff - Please comment

Please read - I have recieved a comment to my recent blog from a member of staff who works at Greenfields and I have lost it in the system. Whoever wrote it, firstly, thank you for speaking out, and secondly, I am really sorry but please can you write it again as the system seems to have lost it and it needs to be shared on here.

I would also like to apologise to readers for not posting blogs as often as I would like, I am trying my best.

I am trying to get my new business established (remember I lost my job a while ago), fight the States of Jersey for some justice and keep you all informed of the story. It is very hard work so please be patient - my wife has already filed a missing persons report on me.

I will try and respond in the next day or so to all comments left as they are very interesting, I would encourage readers to look back on my blogs and read the comments, sometimes comments are left a few days after the blog has been published and you will only be able to read them if you go back to previous blogs.

Also, I want readers to lead me - tell me what you want to know and where you want my story to go next.

Please can I encourage readers to log in and get a name so that I can see who is making the comments, it will still be completly anonymous as you can make up a name to use.

One thing that has encouraged me to keep fighting are the people who have asked what can we do now? How do we act on this instead of simply blogging? It is simple, find your voice and stand up and be counted. I have a growing number of people who have contacted me about the awful treatment that they have been/are being subjected to as civil servants for the States of Jersey.

The evidence that I am slowly compiling is very interesting and extremely serious - no wonder there are some senior civil servants doing everything they can to try and make this whole saga go away - they have so much to lose.

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Anonymous said...


You ask us to give some direction about what to put on your blog and where it should go next. I have a few suggestions:

1. Tell you're story chronologically from taking up your job at Greenfields to H&SS dropping their defence against your appeal. This I'm sure will give a clear account of both the poor standards of practice you encountered and the appalling treatment that senior civil servants dish out to people who dare to question their authority. Include all the obfuscation, smooth reassurances you'll have been given that they are dealing with things appropriately and then the hissy fits, lying and bullying when you disagree with their findings.

2. Back up your story with examples: letters, emails, phone calls, meetings, reports are all powerful allies to your story that cannot be ignored. I know from experience that the truth is so alien to the way the organisation works that when you provide evidence they don't know how to handle it. It will expose the lengths Pollard and others will go to to protect themselves and those they favour.

3. Reveal the information you had that was so damming that Pollard caved in at your tribunal.

4. Your blogsite is difficult to negotiate, I don't know whether you can restructure it so that it flows more intuitively. Stuart's works well, it's simple and easy to navigate.

Not prepared to leave a name, I know your site is being monitored and the powers that be would track through the postings from one person and try to identify them. You know the rest!