Friday, 25 April 2008

Time 4 Change - Conference at the Pomme D'or Hotel

Below are the details of the conference that wsill take place at the Pomme D'or Hotel in St Helier this Sunday. If should be a good event - lots of speakers about lots of issues.

I will be speaking too!!!

If you can come along that would be great and if you can pass this information on to friends and family so that they can attend too.

Time 4 Change: Press Release

22 April 2008

Time 4 Change is pleased to announce that it will be holding an event this coming Sunday to discuss a variety hot political issues, including GST, the dual role of the Bailiff, a General election, raising environmental awareness and a need for greater transparency and democracy in Jersey’s political system.

The event, entitled Reform will consist of a series of informal workshop-style sessions in the morning, followed by a public meeting in the afternoon.

The morning session will be from 10am – 1pm and will deal with issues such as, racism and discrimination, voter registration, and engaging the electorate.

The afternoon meeting will be from 2:30 – 4:30pm and will include a panel of speakers comprising a mixture of local businessmen, politicians and academics from outside the island. Once the panel have finished addressing the audience, they will take questions from the floor.

We, the organizers of Time 4 Change, welcome people from all walks of life and all political views, to attend the event. We particularly encourage those who will be voting for the first time in the forthcoming elections, and we are particularly keen to see members of the island’s immigrant community attend.
For more information, please call 07797 740886 or email

Additional information for the press: A Press Conference will be held at 4.30pm, after the meeting has finished. The media are welcome to attend the afternoon session if they wish, but we would ask journalists to refrain from attending the morning session to protect the survivors of abuse, some of whom will be attending the morning session and speaking, but who would not feel comfortable in the scrutiny of the media. We are therefore stipulating that photography and filming be forbidden in morning session.

Confirmed speakers include Rob Duhamel, Roy Le Hérissier, Mario Pirozzolo.
Senator Ozouuf to advise.

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Anonymous said...


I went to this event and was disappointed at the relatively low turnout. This may of course be due in part to the misinformation about the venue circulated by the local media, but it does mean that if the island is not careful unrepresentative, marginal groups will dominate what may be our best chance yet to change things. And the ultimate result? No change.

To all those people who have been expressing discontent about the way we are governed and wait for others to make it better, something to think about:

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

-Albert Einstein