Sunday, 18 May 2008

An email from a Greenfields member of staff to me at

I have received a number of emails from staff within the Greenfields and other homes as well as social wervices staff and parents alike, however, this one particularly gives a real indication of the culture which I have been referring.

I can assure you I have not changed the wording, I have asked the member of staff's permission to post this email on my blog - I of course have anonymised it, you will understand why this is necessary after you read it.

Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 22:23:14 +0000
From: XXX
Subject: Greenfields staff

Hi Simon,

XXXX XXXX from Greenfields here, i and a few others at Greenfields have always supported you when you were fired from your job but we were made to feel as if we were somehow mad when we said we had no problems with how you worked.

After you left some of us wanted to leave also because we found it so difficult to work with people who enjoyed controlling and intimidating the kids in the unit(these people are at all levels within the unit).

The reason we stayed was because we realised that if we left then the children would have nobody to protect them. There was even one kid...[section taken out to protect identities].

...[section taken out to protect identities] about staff boasting about how they sorted out a child who threatened their family by asking another staff member to leave the room so that they can have a few minutes with him,

He then threatened the kid.

I wish you well and i will contact you again soon.



Anonymous said...

well it seems like the seniour management of the social services have done it again they have re instated a senior manager who they deem worthy of re employment.This is a man who has broken several rules in the state directives on codes of conduct-bullying sexual harrassement racial prejudism and yet he is found innocent? Was all the evidence relating to this case actually read? Were all the staff interviews taken into condsideration? I bet not! Could it be that only selected information was used needless to say it weighted heavily on the pro side and the anti was conveniently ignored? I hope that whom ever made this decision can sleep well at night and that all the tax payers are happy with this decision on whom their money is being spent on.

Anonymous said...

The whole investigation seems to be floored with absolute corruption.
How many investigations?
The outcome was obvious.
But the future looks very rocky for the bully.
I applaud the other greenfields staff for comenting.
Lets stick together.

Anonymous said...

You have my support. I shall get in touch in the future, I know lots of staff are contacting you with information. Its interesting hearing your story, you were wrongly fired.
Hope you new venture goes well, but what a loss to the childrens service.