Sunday, 6 July 2008

An email to Senator Shenton and Perchard

Below is an email that I sent to Sentor Shenton and Perchard earlier this evening. I have heard no reply. I will keep you posted on all future correspondance.

"Dear Senator Shenton and Perchard

I hope you are both well now that you have 55,000 readers of the JEP believing that all is rosy in the garden of H&SS.

I write to you with the offer of an informal meeting with me this week.

I wish to discuss my Serious Concerns complaint dated 1st January 2007 and how this relates to the Williamson report.

I appreciate that you are both extremely busy, along with your buddies, spinning the story so that 99% of the public think that the States have a 'clean bill of health' however, I believe that you need to think very seriously about my offer of an informal meeting.

I expect your initial reaction will be to ignore my request, I suggest that to do so would be at your own peril.

Think of me a little bit like a bad smell that just won't go away - I will not stop with my battle for justice until justice has been done.

There is more than one way to win a battle.

I have been fighting so that the children of Jersey receive a good service. I will succeed despite the fact that is in currently on your terms and I continue to be the scapegoat, nonetheless, I have still achieved what I wanted for the children.

Was I sacked for whistle blowing? Let us allow the public to decide. All I know is that all of the things I complained about have been changed, all of the things I recommended have been, or soon will be, implemented.

If you choose to ignore this request, one day you will crumble, along with the rest of the corrupt senior civil servants and politicians that you are siding with.

You are all very powerful, but remember, there is one force even more powerful that all of you and that is called, 'the truth'.

If I do not hear a reply by 10.30pm tonight then I will be posting this email on my blog at 10.31pm. If you respond, and agree to a meeting I will not post it.

I have plenty more energy to keep fighting you all. So, do you want to come to an agreement or keep fighting?

For your information, I have copied below a list of the media that will also be receiving this email at 10.31pm tonight should you choose not to reply.

Kind regards

Simon Bellwood
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Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

Well done and keep up the pressure. Hopefully a few newspapers will also start to ask questions.. They can only hide for so long. You Stuart and Lenny will be remembered for the truth.... and the good work you have done to try and raise standards, against the odds.

Have you ever thought about organsising a bloggers get together. It might be nice for those interested in the same issues to meet up. Obviously in secret and fancy dress!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Keep us posted as to your responses from the trusted Senators.

I doubt if either has the moral standing to look into your eyes and see the truth, and then act on it. They have to keep their political masters safe - a lot rides on it. Not just the 'small' issue of child protection but the most important issue of safeguarding the reputation of the island.

When will they actually realise that this web of lies, spin and deceiving the public just will not wash anymore. Do they think that we are all stupid. There are too many stories of ineptitude, incompetence and bullying coming from people who work for the States - can they all be wrong?

Some of us have been born and bred in Jersey but like others who have moved to Jersey to make their homes and have contributed to the island as a whole, want to be proud of our island and our openness.

The Council of Ministers have let us down and will continue to do so until the people get a voice.

little voice

voiceforchildren said...

I dare say you'll not get a reply to the e-mail from Shenton and or Perchard. Have you had any interest from the media you copied in?