Monday, 7 July 2008

Senator Shenton - The Reply and my response

The reply from Senator Shenton is pasted below, aloing with my brief reply.

"Dear Senator Shenton

Thank you for your email.

Please can I kindly request that you respond in full by 8pm tomorrow, assuming that you will see Senator Perchard at the States Assembly tomorrow?

I am meeting a journalist from the BBC for Dinner tomorrow at 9pm. I would like to take this opportunity to invite Senator Perchard and yourself to join us.

Please let me know if you are available so that I can notify the restaurant that two more guests will also be dining with us.

Kind regards

Simon Bellwood

Subject: RE: Urgent request for a meeting> Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 08:41:08 +0100> From:> To:> >


I've forwarded your e-mail to Jim Perchard ( as your original went to a John Perchard. I'll have a chat with Jim once he has had chance to read it and shall get back to you soonest.



-----Original Message----- > From: Simon Bellwood [] > Sent: Sun 7/6/2008 9:15 PM > To: Ben Shenton; John Perchard > Cc: > Subject: Urgent request for a meeting> > > **************************************************************************************> This e-mail has been received directly from the Internet: you should> exercise a degree of caution since there can be no guarantee that the> source or content of the message is authentic.> > If you receive inappropriate e-mail from an external source it is your> responsibility to notify Computer Services Helpdesk (telephone 440440).> > The Full States e-mail Usage Policy can be found here:>> **************************************************************************************> > Dear Senator Shenton and Perchard> > I hope you are both well now that you have 55,000 readers of the JEP believing that all is rosy in the garden of H&SS.> > I write to you with the offer of an informal meeting with me this week. I wish to discuss my Serious Concerns complaint dated 1st January 2007 and how this relates to the Williamson report. > > I appreciate that you are both extremely busy, along with your buddies, spinning the story so that 99% of the public think that the States have a 'clean bill of health' however, I believe that you need to think very seriously about my offer of an informal meeting.> > I expect your initial reaction will be to ignore my request, I suggest that to do so would be at your own peril. > > Think of me a little bit like a bad smell that just won't go away - I will not stop with my battle for justice until justice has been done. > > There is more than one way to win a battle. I have been fighting so that the children of Jersey receive a good service. I will succeed despite the fact that is in currently on your terms and I continue to be the scapegoat, nonetheless, I have still achieved what I wanted for the children. > > Was I sacked for whistle blowing? Let us allow the public to decide. All I know is that all of the things I complained about have been changed, all of the things I recommended have been, or soon will be, implemented. > > If you choose to ignore this request, one day you will crumble, along with the rest of the corrupt senior civil servants and politicians that you are siding with. > > You are all very powerful, but remember, there is one force even more powerful that all of you and that is called, 'the truth'.> > If I do not hear a reply by 10.30pm tonight then I will be posting this email on my blog at 10.31pm. > > If you respond, and agree to a meeting I will not post it. > > I have plenty more energy to keep fighting you all. So, do you want to come to an agreement or keep fighting? > > For your information, I have copied below a list of the media that will also be receiving this email at 10.31pm tonight should you choose not to reply.> > Kind regards> > Simon Bellwood> 07797 888782> >;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;> >;;;;;;; rohit.kachroo@ITN.CO.UK;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; "Nibbs, Louise" ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;> >;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; "" <''>; "" <''>; ""> > <''>;; "" <''>; '; '; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; ""> > <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "'" <'''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>; "" <''>;> >;;;;;;; "" <''>; "" <''>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;> >;;;;;;;> > > > > _____ > > Get Messenger on your Mobile! Get it now! > > > **********************************************************************> Confidentiality: The information in this email and any attachments may contain proprietary information some or all of which may be legally privileged. It must not be disclosed to or used by persons other than the intended recipient. If received in error, please notify us immediately and then delete this document. Any reply to this email may be read by the recipients and servants or agents of the States of Jersey. We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any sensitive personal information you send us by email.> > Confirmation: No employee or servant/agent is authorised to order or commit to ordering any goods or services without the use of an official States of Jersey purchase order. Unless an official States of Jersey purchase order is attached herein, this email does not form any binding agreement on behalf of a Minister or an administration of the States.> > Content: Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the States of Jersey. Please note that the content of this email may be intercepted, monitored or recorded for compliance purposes. Sensitive personal data should not normally be transmitted by email.> > Copyright: Copyright in this e-mail and any attachments created by the States of Jersey belongs to the States of Jersey unless otherwise stated.> > Care: The States of Jersey shall not be liable to the recipient or any third party for any loss or damage howsoever arising from this email and/or its content, including loss or damage caused by virus. It is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that the opening or use of this message and any attachments shall not adversely affect systems or data. > Contact: If you require assistance, please contact the sender of this email, or the States of Jersey Central IT Helpdesk. Helpdesk telephone +44(0)1534 440440 E-mail: States of Jersey web site > **********************************************************************> "


Anonymous said...


You need to clarify if the meal is free.

Have you ever known a politician to walk away from a free lunch!

Anonymous said...

Two brief points:

1) The media contacts whose email addresses you have publicly posted on your blog are now more likely to receive spam email than if you had not posted their address. Spam harvesting robots will have done their work already. Your contacts probably won't thank you. Don't be too surprised if you are not overcome with replies.

2) Under the Data Protection Act, do you have permission to publish their addresses in this fashion? I suspect that, when each person provided you with their address, this was not the intended use of the data.

Anonymous said...

Not only do you give a completely unrealistic time frame for your recipients to respond to, (a few hours on a Sunday evening is hardly reasonable,) You don't even send your email to the correct address. Are you trying to make yourself look foolish.

Anonymous said...


Your detractors are obviously emboldened by all the recent whitewashing. Their comments are just intended to demoralize you, so don't pay any attention to them.

Since you are not originally from Jersey, you already know that virtually every reputable news organization has a website listing detailed contact info for news reporters, including their individual email addresses.

Is it possible that some of the above comments were made by those who only read the JEP? Some insular child abuse deniers might not know that in the free world, a reporter's professional work depends upon easy and open public access. Any news organization afraid to disclose contact info for fear of spam harvesting robots would hardly be able to function beyond the level of the old rag.


Anonymous said...

At what point did blackmailing politicans to attend your meetings become acceptable?

Anonymous said...

we all heard you on the radio this morning and were routing for you. You spoke well and wth convicion which is what I would expect.

I now hope and expect that you keep up informed as to what is going on. Even if it is only a couple of lines.

Please, as they say, keep us in the loop constantly. I know it is a lot to ask but it is important for you to maintain the interest in this site.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... perhaps a new definition of blackmail is when a whistleblower threatens to tell the truth to the world if the polititians responsible for the mess fail to do so themselves, within a short time frame.

- C.

TonyTheProf said...

Any chance of comments on the unfair dismissal report out recently and the JEPs reporting of it.