Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Linda Dodds' report - my view

Firstly, well done today Stuart, all great stuff - Jersey have sold out of painkillers. The council of ministers have been drip fed with inbruprofen lately.

Well, Linda Dodds' report, where do we start.

Clearly there are some strong views on her report. And, off the the record there are some very strong views about her.

In fact, out of all the senior civil servants, more people have contacted me about Linda Dodds than anyone else, not that it lets Joe Kennedy, Phil Dennett and you, yes, you Pike Mollard, off the hook!

However from her opening lines, is she a highly refined child protection machine or what, you decide!!!

I would like to consider her report with you, step by step, one day at a time (because I am tired).

For tonight, I would like to concentrate on Linda's resume, lets look at this in more detail.

1. She has been a reviewing officer for Northumberland County Council, chairing LAC and Child Protections reviews.

2. She has been a Reg 33 inspector under the Children's Homes Regulations 2001

3 She has worked for the NSPCC as a specialist investigator where she undertook, amongst other things, investigations into allegations of abuse of young people by professionals.

Damn, this woman is good, she is perfect for the job.

Let us think for one moment. I was complaining about the service for Looked After Children, she has experience of inspecting such services.

I was complaining about a service which lacked checks and balances, more specifically, if Reg 33 inspections were carried out there could have been no complaint by me, even so, she has experience of inspecting such services.

And, finally, I was complaining, as a professional, about allegations of abuse against young people, and yes you've guessed it, she has experience of inspecting such complaints.

In view of the above, my question is simple - Why, oh why, did the Council of Ministers bother to get Andrew Williamson to investigate anything at all - Linda to the rescue!

Linda Dodds is just perrrfeccctttt for the job, much more qualified that him, or even June Thoburn for that matter.

"If anyone can do it Linda can", I here you chant.

So, what did Linda do, she makes it quite clear in her report.

She, undertook a review of policies and procedural guidelines following concerns raised!

She, reviewed the policies and procedural guidelines being used at Greendfields

She, visited the centre and observed staff and residents (albeit, on one occasion and only for 25 minutes)

She interviewed Joe Kennedy and Phil Dennett (Dumb and Dumber - and before you criticise me for being judge and jury I make no reference to any particular order with regards to the dumb and dumber perspective)

And, she reviewed the process of admitting a young person to the centre.

Well,, what can we say, I should mention now, if this was CSI, then it would be done and dusted in one fowl swoop, alas, CSI this is not, this is the real world.

I will continue tomorrow - for those of you reading Stuart's blog you may want to ask him this simple question?

What role did Linda Dodd's play role in the letter from Iris Le Fevre to Frank Wa*ker, Che*f Min*ster in July 2007?

Speak tomorrow


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Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

What is fairly apparent from Dinzo Lobbs's glittering career as outlined by her good self is her abilty to produce several pages which don't actually say anything of significance.

She doesn't say how long she held her previous posts, her qualifictions and profeesional development which has enabled her to reach her conclusion. She has not bother to look at how other residential units admit young people or refer to any of the relevant legislation.

Yes she read the policies and proceedures at Greenfields but she does not state which ones... She also stated who she spoke to and does not seem to include you in this list Simon.... How long has she worked in Jersey?

Sadly the poor quality of the investigation and the report further highlights and supports what you have been saying.

I don't expect Dinzo ever imagined any of her reports would end up on a blog for the world to read.. I would be truly mortified if I had produced such rubbish. Its the sort of report you would expect from a student social worker who had been told to write a report with out any help!! Full of jargon and hot air..


I hope Community Care is still following your story!!