Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Police Investigation into my employment tribunal

Dear All

It has been some time since I last posted a blog on here - my energy is being focused elsewhere, I am afraid.

However, I figured that it is important for me to post a blog in light of today's JEP article.

The police are conducting an investigation into certain issues in relation to my employment tribunal. Although this has been taking place for some time now, somehow the JEP have just got wind of it. As a result, I understand that the police have had to issue a press statement.

There is little more that I can say on the matter, other than I hope that once - finally - the States might be found culpable for their corruption and cover ups.

I am so grateful to everyone who loyally reads my blog, and thank you for all the support you have given me. Just this afternoon, since the newspapers hit the stands, I have received several encouraging comments from you.

I am sorry that I do not write posts more often than I do. It was becoming a bit of a late night obsession. I eventually figured that the States might not have succeeded in driving me off the island (much to their collective disappointment), but if they managed to drive me crazy, then that would probably gratify them equally!

With regards to the police investigation, dare I raise my hopes again of justice in these matters? Having apparently been vindicated at the employment tribunal, with Professor Upex's report upholding that my dismissal was unfair, and yet being regularly slagged off for my alleged (without any evidence) incompetence, it doesn't feel very fair or just to me.

I cannot comment further on the police investigation for fear of jeopardising the inquiry in any way, but I am happy to post comments and respond to them if appropriate.

I would also be interested to know who you think might be the "senior civil servant" under investigation, if there is in fact only one, and your reasoning why you think it might be them!



Anonymous said...

Gee whiz. I can think of three people from health who could fit the profile.

Think they are infallable, most certainly incompetent, self protectionist, "teamplayers"/groupthink", above reproach,

All the criteria in fact to make great candidates for thinking they are cleverer than everyone and can avert or bypass the law.

However, they are also slippery, have friends in high places, have proved to be in dodgy situations previously and survived.

The next question you pose is what did they do - you have got me there. I did not think that they could be so stupid / so confident in their inability to try to pull the wool over the eyes of the criminal system.

I hope that again justice is not only done but is seen to be done.

voiceforchildren said...

My guess would be Senator Mike (gst 28) Vibert. As he is not a civil servant I suppose it's not a good guess really, but not a bad avenue to take.

Mario Lundy, between him and I, one of us is a liar. Tom McKeon although now retired, either him or I are a liar also.

I think it would be easier to guess who ISN'T under investigation, but even then that would be a struggle!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Simon.

Sorry I don't know the answer.

Someone in social services would be my guess.

TonyTheProf said...

Thank you for keeping us up to date.

Anonymous said...


Good luck.

As for who the senior people who could be being investigated - I hope that it is Mike Pollard. He is an evil man with no integrity. Lets hope he has been found out.

He deserves all that is coming to him as he has ruined many peoples lives...........yours and Lynne Swiatczaks.........to name but two.

Once again...good luck...


Anonymous said...

senior civil servant

The odds on favourite - the one that uses the couch test

Anonymous said...

what actually interests me with your case and the child abuse enquiry is this.............If in a place of work an employee makes a wrong decision ....how does that wrong decision become unlawful and merit punishment or vindication in a court of law.............???

Thats putting it very simplistically....but do you get the jist of what I mean.

For instance to falsify a memo, or use personal discretion when making a decision in the workplace .......how can that be transferred to an unlawful act?

I understand of course situations which are plainly unlawful eg sexual assault, GBH, theft........I am I suppose referring to white/blue collar crime............I dont get it?? Any lawyers reading this bloG?

Anonymous said...

Unlawful act - suppose this could be making up stories/falsifying documents and presenting them to a Tribunal. The Upex report mentions a lot of differing recollections of events
An employment Tribunal is set in law to hear disputes in employment legislation. It will have a constitution and specific powers. Guess they will take a dim view of deliberate misleading actions