Saturday, 30 August 2008

Search for people who may have information...

I have recently been exchanging correspondence with a responsible, trustworthy film-maker who is very interested in hearing from those of you who work, or have worked, in the care system in Jersey.

This person works for a large reputable company and would treat this with the utmost discretion.

It can be strictly off-the-record/anonymous if needs be; you can contact the individual through me and I will not disclose any details without your consent.

The film-maker is also interested in talking to people who have been through the child care system.

I know it is difficult to speak out about such matters but if you feel able to speak in confidence please contact me via email at

I would particularly like to hear from Phil Dennett, Joe Kennedy, Marnie Baudains, Linda Dodds, Madeliene Davies and Mike Pollard (should they ever wish to confess their sins and help themsleves sleep a little more easy at night). Oh and let's not forget the recent recruits in the war against justice and good child care practices: Senators Shenton and Perchard) and others who still work for the States of Jersey or private/charitable organisations.

Joking aside, this is a serious matter and a serious offer to anyone who would like to confidentially speak to this particular film-maker, through me.



TonyTheProf said...


Minor typo in your email in the blog entry which you need to fix. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Has your story stopped or are you getting bored with the the lack of support!!!

voiceforchildren said...


Could you give us some kind of an update?

Anonymous said...

Well Simon

Are you keeping this site open??

I think you should – might be some interesting news here shortly!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bellwood, get your finger out and give us some sort of update!

You started this blog so you must finish it!

Don't leave it up in the air like this.